Tesla Battery Day: The Biggest Advertising

Tesla Battery Day: The Biggest Advertising

At the Tesla Battery Day event, CEO Elon Musk made some big announcements: the company moved toward eliminating cobalt in its batteries, a new plaid powertrain for the Model S, which can be reached at speeds of up to 200 miles per hour, and a new cathode plant to streamline its batteries. Product. And, with the new battery technology, Musk has said, Tesla will build a 25,000 car.

In a socially out-of-distance event, Musk and other presenters addressed Tesla shareholders in a parked car, honoring their horns to suggest their approval of the speakers ‘comments – almost like a drive-in movie / shareholders’ meeting.

Here are the main gifts from Tesla’s 2020 Battery Day:

Tesla plans to build its own “Tables” battery, which will improve the range and power of its vehicles. The new batteries will be built indoors, which Musk says will reduce costs and bring Tesla electric cars closer to selling gasoline-powered cars. It is expected that Tesla’s cost per kilowatt hour will be reduced, which is the key metric used to measure the battery pack of electric vehicles. Tablets Cells (removing the tab connecting the Tesla cell and what it is running), which calls Tesla 4860 cells, will make its battery six times more powerful and increase the range by 16 percent.

Tesla currently sources its batteries from Panasonic, and it’s likely to continue for a while, but moving battery production at home was on Musk’s to-do list for a while; The shortage of those cells in 2018 added to the delay in production. Kasturi has said The pace of battery production at Panasonic slowed production of both the Model 3 and Model Y.

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Musk has been teasing the plaid powertrain for a while, which would be a step up from its Ludicurus model. Its charge will be between 520 miles, two seconds from 0-60 miles and a top speed of 200 miles. The price is listed on Tesla’s website, at 139,990. Kasturi noted in the past that the plaid trim layer “will cost more than our current offerings”, which it does. It will be available in Model S by the end of 2021.

Musk said Tesla will build a new cathode plant for its batteries in North America as part of its quest to reduce supply chain costs and simplify cathode production. It is also improving its process which will make cathodes 76 percent cheaper, and produce zero wastewater. Due to low nickel supply, the company also plans to diversify its use.

We don’t know where the new Kath Thod plant will be built, but Musk said July when Tesla announced His next factory will be in Austin, Texas, and he will “think hard” for future projects in the city of Klahoma, Tulsa.

Tesla plans to eliminate the use of cobalt in its cathodes. Musk has said he wants to eliminate it completely in the past – even though Tesla’s existing batteries use very little. Cobalt is often mined under Conditions that violate human rightsWhich has led to the pressure to find other materials to replace it.

Kasturi did not give a timeline for when the company would stop using Cobalt but said it would make its batteries significantly cheaper.

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“It’s so complicated that we build cars that people can really afford.” “Affordability is the key to how we scale.”

Tesla plans to reduce the cost of its battery sales and packs with the ultimate goal of building 25,000 electric cars. Tesla will hit this target by using its new “tables” battery cells and modifying the contents inside the cell, which he said should allow Tesla to “halve” the price per kilowatt-hour, Musk said.

This is not the first time Musk has predicted that Tesla will dramatically reduce the cost of its electric cars. He promised to return the first $ 25,000 EV in 2018, which he said became possible in just three years.


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