That 120 Year Old Beer and the “Treasure” Inside

That 120 Year Old Beer and the

This is 1895. Was when the fog Scottish freighter Wallachia collided with another ship and the ship broke down. A few days ago, different types of liquor were loaded in that ship. Wallachia has always been at the center of the interests of Steve Hickman, a collector of artifacts on the production of alcoholic beverages throughout history. Hickman was featured in A special dedicated to him by BBC, especially about his latest venture. go back to wallachia this time going with a team of diversto pick up a few bottles of 120 year old beer And take them to a special study laboratory.

“treasure” inside the bottle

Thus the artwork was made available from the “belly” of Wallachia. BrewLab of the University of Sunderland, whose specialists and machinery are part of Hickman’s personal collection, have been able to examine the contents of the bottle in detail. And scholars have discovered something unique: three types of very rare yeasts, Hence the experiment: is it possible to “bring them back to life”, reactivate them, and use them in beer production today? Hickman explained that when first opened, in conditions of maximum safety and free from potential contamination, the 120-year-old beer had a form that was partly reminiscent of Guinness Stout, but with a “torturous odor”. Along with that which was worthy of investigation in the environment. Much safer than laboratory. But there is more.

a unique discovery

Expired beer brewed off the coast of Scotland in 1895 using yeast brethnomys And Debariomyces, Completely unusual compared to “Prince” yeast In the current world production of beer, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, So popular and appreciated that it risks monopolizing the choice of raw materials for the production of this ancient drink (recipes dating back to 5000 years BC are found in Egyptian tables). What Happens to Cabernet Grapes in World Winemaking. This is why the search for individual yeasts is increasing, and the yeast found inside a bottle taken from Wallachia may be An authentic treasure, not only from a historical and cultural point of view, but also from an economic point of view, In fact, attempts were made to produce new beers using those particular yeasts, and the result was defined with “earthy” and “country” flavors, with very specific nuances to new types of craft and Writers can be beer rich.

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Materials that can help save the environment

The technique of research and exploration and analysis of the contents of old spirits, such as this beer whose rare yeast has been reactivated by exposure to air in a protected environment and under special conditions, is called bioprospecting, they are starting to use it Food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies, Brand new and amazing products can be born since ancient times. But Brewer’s Yeast Found on Sunken Wallachia Resistant to the action of lead and arsenicor. One of these can be used to absorb polluting metals present in water and soil. It really is a matter of saying: to health.


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