The airline boss says vaccinations will need to fly

The airline boss says vaccinations will need to fly

– Qantas has become the first major airline to confirm that it will not allow unvaccinated passengers on board once the coronavirus vaccine has become widely available. Alan Joyce, chief executive of Australian Airlines, says that while vaccinations will be a necessity for international passengers, air travel will begin to return to normal. Financial Times Reports. Says Joyce 9 News The airline hopes to have a “significant” level of international operations by the middle of next year, but much will depend on the vaccine. “We are considering changing our terms and conditions for international passengers to say, we will ask people to get vaccinated before boarding the plane.” Joyce says Kantas is investigating how people can be given “vaccination passports.”

“I think it’s normal to talk to my colleagues at other airlines in the world.” Says Joyce. Australia Australia, which closed its border to unopposed people in March and requiring residents returning from abroad to remain in quarantine for two weeks, new coward cases have become almost zero, BBC Reports. Kantas has suspended some international flights to New Zealand, whose epidemic is also under control, but has begun resuming routes between the Australian and Australian states. After New South Wales reopened its border with Victoria on Monday, people at Sydney’s airport signaled “Welcome Back” as at least 20 flights landed between states. (Read more coronavirus stories.)

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