The billionaire brothers of Indian origin won the bid to buy the UK supermarket chain Asada

The billionaire brothers of Indian origin won the bid to buy the UK supermarket chain Asada
LONDON: Indian-origin billionaire brothers Mohsin and Zubair Iska have signed off on a 8.8 billion deal with private equity firm TDR Capital following a 8.8 billion deal. The owner will acquire a majority stake in Asada, the UK’s leading supermarket chain, from Walmart.
This Isa brothers, Whose parents emigrated from Gujarat to the UK in the 1970s Euro garage chain Petrol stations as part of their Easy Group business.
The 8. 8.8 billion (8 8.8 billion) supermarket deal follows Assad’s auction process for months and returns the 1-year-old supermarket company to British ownership after 21 years, a development hailed by the UK Chancellor. .Shi Sunak.
“Today is the first time in two decades that Asada has seen a majority return to UK ownership,” Sunke said on Twitter.
“New owners are committed to investing more than 1 billion GBP over the next three years and increasing the number of UK-based suppliers. I wish them well, ”he said.

Announcing the deal, Walmart said Asada would keep its headquarters in Leeds, north of England, under the charge of chief executive Roger Burnley.
“We are very proud to have invested in Assad Iconic British business That we have appreciated for many years. “ASDA’s customer-centric vision, operational excellence and commitment to the communities in which it operates are the same values ​​on which we have built the Easy Group,” Mohsin and Zubair Isa said in a statement.
The brothers, born in Blackburn, north-west England, supported the long-term development of the supermarket as they praised the chain’s performance during the Covid-19 epidemic and demonstrated the “basic strength and resilience” of the business.
“We believe that our expertise in Convenience and Brand Partnership and our experience with EG Group, including our successful partnership with TDR Capital, can help accelerate and implement that growth strategy.
“After a successful period as part of Walmart, we look forward to helping Assad build a diverse business that will continue to serve brilliant customers in communities in the UK,” he said.
Robert Burnley welcomes new ownership as an exciting new chapter and is committed to delivering value to customers.
“In an ever-changing retail environment, our new ownership will increase our resilience to move forward, while also creating significant and additional opportunities to drive growth. For Asada colleagues, a strong and growing business is critical to our long-term future,” Burnley said. Was.
Walmart maintains equity investment in the business with ongoing business relationships and board meetings.
The deal, which is subject to regulatory approvals, is expected to be completed in the first half of 2021.

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