The Brexit battle has shown that both sides are “unintentionally” singing the same song on populism.

The Brexit battle has shown that both sides are

Since Britain’s 2016 Brexit of the Belgium-based union, known as the European Union, many populist citizens have begun to note that even elected officials are not truly democracy or republicanism. Do not believe in, as defined by, Nigel, the founding party of Brexit. Farage told Fox Nation on Wednesday.

Farage, who stepped down as chief in March and was now replaced by developer Richard Tice in the Reform UK party, told ‘Tucker Carlson Today’ that the Brexit movement and its electoral success had changed with respect to the degree of adhesion. Revealed more than expected. elected official. Globalism over Democracy.

Farage joked that the US-based Tea Party, organized in 2010 in the wake of President Obama’s sharp left turn in American politics – through the Obamacare move and other agendas – are “new”. 1990s.

Nigel Farage campaigned with the then-Trump candidate in 2016. (AP)

“I think the advantage we had [as Brexit proponents was] It was a very clear and simple brochure,” he said.

“We (the UK) have joined what is called the European Union, a political union. We would effectively become provinces of this new global structure. So the idea we want to leave out – was a pretty clear yes or no decision, because most populist movements aim to change the narrative. And it is more difficult to determine what is success. ,

“And they are overwhelmed, so established parties start singing songs similar to populists, without really wanting to.”

Farage said then-Prime Minister David Cameron, leader of the Conservative Party – considered Britain’s version of the right-wing US Republican Party – was promising to “reform” the system from his perch at 10 Downing.

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“We will fight for a better deal” [Cameron would say], but he could never have said that we were going to leave the EU,” Faraz continued. “So that was the only advantage I had. It was a very clear brochure. Now it’s taken another long time. But in the end we won despite everything.”

Farage said that despite the reluctance of Cameron and his successor Tory Prime Minister Theresa May, Brexit faced adversity from both sides of the pond in the country and the United States.

FILE – Image from Tuesday June 28, 2016, in this file British Prime Minister David Cameron addresses the media at the EU summit in Brussels. (AP Photo / Geert Vanden Wijngaert File) (Associated Press)

“Although President Obama went to London to tell us that we would be at the back of the pack with all the global companies, all the labor movements. I mean, everyone. And yet, we managed to win. And that in those times There was one when the silent majority decided it was time to go out and talk,” he said.

“Then I realized that no one in power anywhere in the world believes in democracy. I had never understood this before. ,

Despite strong opposition from Labor – Britain’s version of the left-wing American Democratic Party – and the reluctance of Conservative Party leaders, Farage’s vision was successful in the elections and the UK was on the verge of becoming independent again.

“It was a referendum on democracy itself – do you want more control over your life, that’s democracy,” he said. “And suddenly you got lectures from people claiming to represent democracy that said, no, you’re not allowed to back down.”

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Since Brexit, Labor and the Scottish National Party (SNP), as well as left-wing factions in Northern Ireland, have opposed a number of new concerns, such as the UK’s relationship with the Republic of Ireland, a member of the European Union.

However, all sides of the Brexit negotiations held that any views in this regard should follow the Good Friday Agreement of 1998, which ended decades of “turbulence” and the contemporary relationship between the two sides of the country. installed. Emerald Island.

Farage later explained that Brexit supporters and voters were regularly portrayed as ‘fat-fingered racists’ and false nationalists, which he said was deeply distorted.

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“How racist is this for Brexit? Farage asked host Tucker Carlson.

” Oh this is it [allegedly] Xenophobic, because you believe in the nation-state, because you believe in the flag, because you dare to say that you have what is called a national identity. It was all concoction of extremism and casteism. ,

“And so Brexit voters were made to feel guilty for what they did. You know, they did this terrible thing,” he continued. “Did we realize that the economy was about to collapse, that millions of people would be unemployed as a direct result, increasing ethnic tensions within the country?

“They didn’t tell us exactly that the black locust invasion was about to hit land, but it came close. And it was amazing, and three years and a little later, we were still members of the European Union. There we have the opportunity to go. There was almost no chance. And we had to come back and defeat them a second time, which we did, not in a second referendum. But we had European elections in 2019 because we were still members. Voting on members of the European Parliament.”

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At this point, Farage said, he re-established the contemporary ‘Brexit Party’, which brought together conservative and centre-left factions in favor of breaking with the European Union and 50% more than anything later. Received more votes. European elections.

“Before the votes were counted, Mrs May resigned as prime minister and we had Brexit,” he said. “So we had to fight more than one fight to get there, but we did. Done. There’s no way to reverse it.”

“And I think we are looking at the global structure that is the European Union, Brexit being the beginning of the end.”

Farage further noted that the Danish government also observed that what it had done was apparently a major European nation to refuse to join the European Union – which now borders mainly through its main neighbour. is at.South, from Germany.

Host Tucker Carlson said that while Farage is seen as a prominent populist leader in Europe, Donald Trump can also be seen as the leader of the North American populist movement.


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