The British government is reconsidering it, not the ‘Vaccination Pass’

The British government is reconsidering it, not the 'Vaccination Pass'

London abandoned the idea of ​​a ‘vaccination pass’ for visiting crowded nightclubs or events. UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid said on Sunday.

The announcement comes after British MPs across the political spectrum expressed strong opposition to the idea passed.

Speaking at the event on Sunday Andrew Marr Show NS BBCThe health secretary said he “never liked the idea” of forcing people to show their documents in daily activities, but that the government was right to look into the matter thoroughly.

“What I can say is that we have looked at this closely and although we should reserve it as a possible option, I am happy to say that we will not go ahead with the vaccine pass plan. “

The health secretary then went on to say that the government shouldn’t be working for this or that others are doing it: “Many countries, at the time they implemented it, were trying to increase their vaccination rates, and you understand That’s why they can do this.”

Javid said England has been ‘very successful’ in its vaccination campaign so far, with 55% of young people aged 16-17 having received their first dose of vaccine within a month after being vaccinated. Introduced to this age group.

However, shortly before its announcement BBCMILF in a separate interview with sky News, The health secretary said the government had not taken a final decision on the national use of the vaccine pass. He also said that he wants to get rid of PCR tests for international travel “as soon as possible”.

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Also on Sunday, the UK government said Prime Minister Boris Johnson would relinquish some emergency powers coronavirus act, so that the government will no longer have the power to shut down the economy, ban events and rallies, disrupt education, extend deadlines for immediate mandates, or detain infected people.

At the same time, many European countries have introduced mandatory ‘vaccination passes’ to access restaurants, major events and other activities.

On Thursday the Scottish Parliament voted 68 to 55 in support of the implementation of vaccination passes against Scottish nightclubs and other crowded places. A negative test for COVID-19 will not be accepted at this stage. The Scottish government said it needed to increase the amount of vaccination and the limited capacity of PCR laboratories to prevent being overwhelmed by club-goers. Even the vaccine pass plan now rejected by England will not accept negative test results.

According to official figures, vaccination rates against the CCP virus have remained roughly the same in the four UK countries.

The government said that as of 9 September, around 90% of the UK population over the age of 16 had received their first dose of vaccine, and over 80% both doses.

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