The champions of Italy, the Scottish newspaper give lifetime membership to the national team. and boris johnson ask for freedom

  The champions of Italy, the Scottish newspaper give lifetime membership to the national team.  and boris johnson ask for freedom

Not only this, Italy won euro 2020, and not only Italians. there too Scotland and all its residents attribute the achievement of the national team to their Roberto ManciniPerhaps because the gap between the England and Scottish national teams has always been so wide in terms of sport, the spiritual rivalry has never diminished. three lions, especially this year who were the direct architects of their elimination in the group stage (despite a draw in the Derby at UK Sousse).

Thus it was that in the hours just before the final of the Scottish newspaper National He had already shamelessly favored the blues – with the Scottish national team sporting a shade of blue on the uniform – putting a Mancini version on the front page. William Wallace In Brave And in prayer almost calling for the victory of the tricolor «Because we cannot bear another 55 years of them (eng.) Ed) Who boasts of victory ». And it doesn’t stop there.

a gift and a request

the day after the victory of Donnarumma And Associates The newspaper’s response was even more colorful and perhaps even more sympathetic. After mocking the famous English choir “It’s Coming Home”, the title of the first page was changed to a symbol “it’s coming to rome“Complete with photos of the ceremony, giving us an honest and participatory thought as a tribute: a free lifetime membership for Jesse Koch and all his players. And as if a shocking request to the English Prime Minister wasn’t enough boris johnsonScotland’s independence from Great Britain. This may seem like a mere joke and provocative proposition, but perhaps knowing the instincts of freedom National Maybe not much.

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After conferring the title of our Roberto Wembley’s Bruce – where Bruce recalls the name of one of the great Scottish rulers of medieval times – the letter from the tabloid to the blonde English housekeeper reads: “It would also be appropriate to give Scottish independence to the winning Italian team., something that we’re sure you’ll also find useful to avoid leaving the butte house through the back door in the future. And that dose off: “Honestly yours (at least until)indyref2) »- This is a referendum for the independence of Scotland whose date is not yet known but which should not take place before 2024.

A way to joke, smile, but also politicize a sporting event, which now happens with more significant frequency. And with an ironic-satire hint, in the shadow of which, unlikely, issues are hidden even more serious.


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