“The Circular Economy is the Strategic Response to the Dependence on Raw Materials”

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the resulting rise in energy costs has placed the issue of raw material procurement at the center of the government’s agenda. In this scenario, the circular economy represents a strategic response for Italy in the context of diversification of sources and a vector of sustainable development for the immediate future. In world recycling dayattention should be paid to the issue of Policies in Support of the Circular EconomyWhich represent a central pillar for the ecological transition of our country especially in the light of NRP.

This alert is initiated by Unirima, asorimap And isopharmate, the main national trade association in the areas of collection, recovery and recycling of paper, plastics and ferrous and/or non-ferrous metals, including Ilaria Fontana, Under-Secretary of MITE, during the program in the Senate in Sala Zuccari in the presence of political representatives, companies and officials . An increasingly strategic area, with about 45 thousand employees and 4 thousand plants distributed throughout the national territory. just think that The recycling rate of paper and cardboard packaging in Italy has reached and exceeded the European target of 85% set for 10 years by 2030,

There Production of waste paper / end of waste Equivalent to approximately 6.7 million tonnes, an increase of 3.2% over the previous year. Italy has an installed capacity of 1,800,000 tonnes of plastic material recycling, which represents a huge potential to be exploited. for each ton of recycled plastic material Saves 1.9 tons of oil, reduces CO emissions2 1.4 tons, plus a huge amount of power. Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Scrap Recovery Plant Annually they collect and recycle about 15 million tons of material, which is sent to the steel and metallurgical sector to replace virgin raw materials.

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The three trade associations underscore how important issues affecting the global economy are demonstrating the urgent need for massive growth. competition, bridging the competitive gap that still separates Italy from the rest of Europe on many fronts; It is therefore necessary to intervene to reduce monopoly rents by ensuring competitive dynamics and acting on criticisms associated with failure to fully implement the principle of competition, which has significant value in the recovery and recycling sector.

Simplification of regulatory and administrative framework and investment in innovation of secondary raw materials / elimination of waste recovery plants is one of the main objectives. With regard to bill cost escalation, the three associations that constitute the beating heart of the circular economy note that spot interventions implemented from time to time are no longer sufficient, but to the benefit of companies actively contributing. It is necessary to study structural measures. For the purposes of ecological transition through recovery of matter.

Overall, conditions must be created for the circular economy to fully establish itself as a lever for sustainable development in our country. Not surprisingly, one of the 14 resolutions adopted in Nairobi by the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) is specifically dedicated to supporting the circular economy. The purpose of the text becomes clear from the title itself: “Strengthening the circular economy as a contribution to achieving sustainable consumption and production. “A principle that – the three business associations hope – should constitute a compass capable of guiding future choices in a more complex climate.


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