The conservative government raises taxes on corporate profits to finance anti-Kovid measures.

GB, conservative government raises tax on profits of large companies to finance anti-Kovid measures (On Wednesday 3 March 2021)
Budget law on time Kovid. Still worse in London, budget law in times of Kovid And Brexit. One for 2021 was presented today by the Chancellor of the Exchequer (equivalent to the minister of our economy) in the House of Commons. On the fiscal front the news was expected to shore up the accounts of the public. Those who have come. Corporation tax needle from April 2023 The profits Of huge The companies It will increase from 19 to 25%. However, there was also a considerable increase in the fact that the level of the British levy remained in the lower limits of the Western countries. For example, in Italy we are 27.5%. Increased revenue will help reduce advertising increasesReasons for appropriation for dealing with epidemics with law enforcement… Read on olfattoquotidiano

Lorenzo Stephanit #Fidesz, Victor Orban’s Hungarian ultra-nationalist and conservative party, is no longer part of the EPP group in the European Union … Conservative_bill : Fairness of presenters and scriptwriters: Skit without soul, frighteningly adorable to the government for every song … – In turn 2 : RT @GiusTW: Help me take stock, please: Government for secret services to league with heavy ministers and opposition government … – GiusTW : Help me make a point, please: League the government with heavy ministers and a policeman in the opposition from the servants … – Stefanoperp : @uminopoli This idea forces me to think to the left of Zingaretti Speranza Orlando Boccia and alas Bersani, sinis … –

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