The Diocese of Münster calls for “radical reconsideration”.

  The Diocese of Münster calls for

The Diocese of Munster is calling for a “radical rethink” in view of the UN climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland, which begins on 31 October. Politics and business must work together to save people from even more suffering.

Politicians “should create framework conditions around the world to curb climate change,” said Judith Wulhorst, head of the World Church Department at the Episcopal Vicariate of Münster, on Friday. “It’s not just about our own future, but also about our brothers and sisters in other parts of the world,” she emphasized. If business, private individuals and politics work together on this, it will be possible to “save an infinite number of people from even greater suffering”.

the world church must act

According to its own statements, the Diocese of Münster maintains partnerships with several dioceses in Ghana and Mexico. The effects of climate change can be clearly felt there. “As a global church, we must not remain passive in view of the disastrous consequences of man-made climate change,” Woolhorst stressed. Especially the countries of the Sahel region are suffering huge losses from the rising heat. In countries like Ghana, the temperature rose higher than in other parts of the world.

Fellow bishopric affected by floods

According to the information, there was a severe flood in Tula, a companion diocese of Munster in Mexico. For example, a flood in a city hospital killed 17 people, including Covid 19 patients whose essential ventilation was obstructed by water rush. The Diocese of Münster provided 100,000 euros in emergency aid for flood victims.

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