The Distinction of an Italian Excellence: Storming on Gordon Ramsay

The Distinction of an Italian Excellence: Storming on Gordon Ramsay

Serious statements from British chefs who became famous thanks to television. The Italians rise up. here what he said

There is a lot of ruckus and controversy due to the strong and clear statements of the chef. Gordon Ramsay. A real storm in which entrepreneurs and TV presenters are in the center. And it certainly made us Italians so angry.

Gordon Ramsay (Getty Images)

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Gordon Ramsay: a chef who’s almost like a football player

Around 55, British, he became famous for the culinary reality show Such as “Hell’s Kitchen”, “Nightmare Kitchen”, talent show “MasterChef”, “The F Word of Gordon Ramsay”, “Gordon Ramsay: Devil of a Chef”, “Gordon Ramsay – Things from Another World”, “Cooking with Ramsay” “Nightmare Hotel” and “Behind the Bars”. During his career as a restaurateur Has been awarded 17 Michelin stars.

Gordon Ramsay (Getty Images) 2
Gordon Ramsay (Getty Images)

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Today she is a very successful entrepreneur and TV presenter, known all over the world.

Even then, he could be a football starTested by Glasgow Rangers, one of Scotland’s most prestigious teams. But two serious injuries at the age of 12 and 14 would force him to quit competitive sport. This will be done on a large scale. In fact, it is the owner of 23 Restaurants, scattered between the United Kingdom (London), the United States (New York and Las Vegas), France (Versailles), Qatar (Doha), Japan (Tokyo) and Italy (Castelnuovo Berardenga and Santa Margherita di Pula).

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Serious allegations against Italy

We have always seen him as a voluptuous personality. Also very sensitive to controversy and anger. And again, Gordon Ramsay is no exception. Indeed, the statements made by Ramsay during the program “Gordon, Gino and Fred go Greek” are much discussed. Statements that immediately reached Italy, caused great outrage.

The chef, in fact, said without too many words: “Honestly? I believe that Greek cuisine is better than Italian cuisine. They have nothing to envy the French. The Greeks can be considered equal to their cousins ​​beyond the Alps or the Italians. Greeks Dishes, in fact…”.

Radio DJ's post on the story (Instagram)
Radio DJ’s post on the story (Instagram)

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The immediate reaction of the Italians, touched upon one of the recognized excellences in the world. Even on social media, Gordon Ramsay was overwhelmed with teasing and sometimes insults. after all, When was it said that Anglo-Saxons have a taste for food?


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