The front page of the Euro-Braveheart national team is seen on a shirt in an Italian store

The front page of the Euro-Braveheart national team is seen on a shirt in an Italian store

Italians continue to show their love for the front page of The National Braveheart as the award-nominated cover is now found printed on a T-shirt at an Italian sporting goods store.

The shirt features the famous front page of Roberto Mancini for The National as William Wallace, ahead of Italy’s match against England at Euro 2020.

The front page of Saturday 10 July saw the Italy coach as Mel Gibson’s version of William Wallace, adding: “Roberto saved us, you are our last hope”.

Text below: “We can’t spend 55 more years talking about this”.

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The winning Blues dropped and picked up the trophy after defeating Gareth Southgate’s men on penalties.

While Front Page made headlines and sparked controversy across the UK, it was favored in Italy, where it was widely circulated through the country’s media.

It was also appreciated by Mancini himself, who said: “The front page of the newspaper is beautiful.

“We have to play our game. We have to play a great game, that should be our only idea. It’s a football match after all.”

She later said that she “made me laugh”.

Then our newspaper found its way to the Italian coach, where a video clip published by the Italian team showed the national team sitting in the team’s home flight down the Euro 2020 Cup.

National Under Euro Cup 2020

But now it has been seen by a Scotsman living in Italy while visiting a shop in Calabria and it has been shared online. The tweet was received positively by some people who said that they want their national jersey.

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Dion Kennedy, who shared the picture on Twitter, said it was her mother who found the item in Italy.

“He actually lives there, he’s on vacation in the south in a place called Calabria,” Kennedy said. “I just saw him this morning, I took a small picture and he sent me a message”.

“I thought it was funny, I sent it to some friends, I put it on Twitter and obviously someone would find it funny on Twitter, so it really was.”

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Kennedy, 27, from Glasgow, who now works in Berlin in digital marketing, said the front page of The National has come a long way in Italy, adding: “I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t the only one to buy. That… [sold the T-shirt]”

The National: The cover of Braveheart National was found on a shirt in an Italian shop

The National Braveheart cover was found on a shirt in an Italian shop

“The news got there, but I think it’s the first time [my mum] I saw it printed on a shirt”.

While Kennedy was enjoying seeing the shirts on sale in Italy, he said National was missing a trick.

He added: “A lot of people in the comments said they wanted one, so either you start printing it or maybe my mother should start some kind of business outside Italy.”


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