The global economy is expected to grow 6% in 2021 and 4.4% in 2022, estimates revised upward

The global economy is expected to grow 6% in 2021 and 4.4% in 2022, estimates revised upward


Initially vaccines in the company: employees vaccinated on voluntary basis

There was agreement between the government and companies and trade unions on the updating of protocols for the safety of the Coronavirus vaccines in the company, and the fight against Kovid 19. At the end of the 7-hour confrontation between the Minister of Labor, Andrea Orlando, Health Minister , Roberto Sparenza, leader of employer unions and general secretaries of Cgil, Cisl, Uil and Ugl, have introduced vaccination of workers in the company, with a national campaign once strengthened. Finally fully operational. A channel, a corporate one, parallel to the general network and not an alternative process: in fact, according to protocol, it would constitute a public health activity within the National Strategic Plan for Anti-Kovid-19 Vaccination formulated by the Extraordinary Commissioner. . And it will not result in binding rules: it will require voluntary adhesion of employers and workers. All companies will be able to apply independently; No minimum size is required because all workers will be offered vaccinations “regardless of the type of contract”. If vaccinations are made during working hours, the protocol continues, with the required time being “the same in working hours in all cases”. In addition, the hypothesis of compliance use of the vaccine explicitly excludes health workers’ criminal liability for adverse events, while costs for the creation and management of company plans, including those for administration, “fully Is borne by the employer ”. On the other hand, the supply of vaccines, the provision of administration equipment (syringe / needle) and training equipment provided and the equipment for recording the vaccines performed are clearly the responsibility of the state. The protocol also ensures immunization for workers whose companies do not need to appoint competent physicians or who cannot use private healthcare facilities: they can actually use “health facilities” In the case, the vaccination initiative may be public, the fee is the responsibility of the institution. The government, companies, and trade unions also signed an update to the Protocol of Anti-Contagion rules, to the contrary and control of Kovid, which employers and workers must comply with: the text was compatible with changes during the epidemic. Also resolved those last knots that seemed to have brought the document into question. According to the rule re-presented, “Failure to implement the protocol, which does not ensure adequate levels of security, determines the suspension of activity until the security situation is restored”. The chapter related to the update of the risk assessment document which is no longer included in the text has also been resolved, while the part related to the mask, travel and re-entry to work after positivity has been simplified. Specifically, the text reads, “Positive workers beyond the 21st day will be read to work only after the negation of a molecular or antigenic swab, which is performed in a facility recognized or authorized by the healthcare” while on business trips Employers must keep. In the account “references associated with different types of transfers / trips, also with reference to the epidemiological trend of destinations”. Even the use of agile work by private employers enters law by updating the protocol that urges companies to ensure maximum use of this new form of activities that can be done at home or at a distance, As well as for untrained people. “I think they are complete agreements, but I believe the most important thing today is to reserve the possibility of integration at a solid point and then instead of waiting for the optimal point, which is not a risk.” . Thus the Labor Minister, Andrea Orlando, ratified the agreements at the end of the ‘marathon’. “I believe that the syndrome that often portrays the character of politics is avoided: that of year zero. I hope this sentiment will also be characteristic of the challenging appointments we face: reforms, social safety nets and industrial Crisis as well as management in practice. And restarting “, he concludes. “The agreement signed this evening is very important in this delicate and complex moment that is the experience of our country. It was not easy to reach this shared signature, but the sense of responsibility prevailed”. This was stated by Confappi President Maurizio Casco after the signing. “Confappi, pursuing the requests and interests of our SMEs, it is right to act as an arbitrator. In this difficult moment for our economy, Italy cannot tolerate a fracture between social partners: it is necessary to understand that the rival. The struggle to be done is Kovid and its variants. And the agreement in this direction is fine. I want to thank Minister Orlando, for the seriousness and great potential for the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Health. All contributions, we came to a result Which is not at all clear but is really important “, he concluded. “With the signing of these agreements we have achieved a great result: safety first. An epidemic forces everyone to behave rightly and consistently. Differences based on geographical regions and political choices are not tolerable. “Thus the Uil leader, Pierpolo Bombardieri, comments on the double signature tonight.” The introduction of the National Protocol on Immunization in the Workplace tonight is a sign of great responsibility. As amended and updated the shared protocol of April 24, 2020 “. This is what CISL Secretary-General Luigi Serbara underscores at the end of discussions with the government and companies.” An important agreement “reached this evening. On protocol and vaccine planning,” in coherence and in compliance with the priorities defined in the National Strategic Immunization Plan “. Thus the CGIL leader, Maurizio Landini, commented on the agreement between the government and social partners Are. ”Two protocols that confirm. The centrality of the value of protecting health and safety in the workplace and in the country, and that, with Inail’s contribution, demonstrates the importance of shared work to fight and defeat the virus, “he concluded.

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