“The government’s priority is to strengthen the economy and help families”

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The UK government’s priority is to grow and strengthen the economy, supporting families in inflation and the employment crisis. that’s it prince charlesson of Queen ElizabethDuring his speech in the British Parliament this morning. Speaking for the first time in place of Sovereign, who was unable to attend due to health problems, the prince highlighted other priorities of the Conservative Party-led government, whose program focuses on security and the recovery of national dues. health system. , after the Covid-19 pandemic crisis.

Charles also paid tribute to the Ukrainian people who fought against the Russian military offensive and to which the UK has contributed humanitarian and military aid. “In these difficult times, my government will take a leading role in protecting democracy and freedom around the world, including continuing to support the people of Ukraine,” the Prince of Wales said.

Speaking of the economy, Charles promised government support for the Bank of England to bring inflation back to its 2 percent target and stabilize it. Rajkumar also outlined how the government would aim to “promote competition, strengthen consumer rights and protect families” as well as improve education in the country’s schools. In Charles’ words, with the mention of the migrant crisis from the English Channel, the government also aims to protect the integrity of the UK’s borders by ensuring the safety of its citizens. “My ministers will work to prevent dangerous and illegal crossings of the channel and to counter criminal gangs who benefit from facilitating them,” Rajkumar said. Real argued the importance of the country’s success and integrity “including the internal economic relations between all its parts”. Referring to the post-Brexit agreement on Northern Ireland, Carlow stressed that the government would “continue to seize opportunities for the United Kingdom to exit the European Union to support economic growth”, adding that “trade The rules will be repealed and reformed”.

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