The most beautiful village in France. Prideless, the intersection of exchanges

  The most beautiful village in France.  Prideless, the intersection of exchanges

Pradales (Haute-Loire) is basically a medieval city surrounded by ramparts. In the 11th century, it was called “the bastion of high grasslands”.

From its height of 1100 meters, the village dominates the valley of the Haute Elier.

But then this defensive occupation is abandoned. And Pradales, by contrast, becomes an intersection of exchanges.

Five mule track

Goods were the only means of transport in this mountainous country. Five mules get on track Light.

From the north comes wheat, oats, rye and oregano. To the south.

On the other hand, wines from Silas, Vivaris and Rhône, Mediterranean fruits, olive oil from Abanas were sent to Le Puy-en-Valle.

Sheep and Pilgrims

Sheep transhumans also passed through Predales.

As many pilgrims are. Because the village is located on a large pilgrimage route: Regorden Road, towards Saint-Gilles-du-Gard.

All these exchanges, commercial and human, have developed the economy of the village.

Many great residences with high stone walls, and occasional arches, bear witness to this prosperous period.

A local heroine

Some remnants of the old fort also appear. One of the seven towers around the city in the Middle Ages, including the Rochelle Tower.

As is the Baset portal. And Verdet, which has a unique history.

During the Religion War, Prudile sat with Catholics. The protesters decide to attack the village early in the morning. Jean La La Verdet, an old woman, listens to them. He climbs over them, one of the heavy stones of the ramparts.

At his call, the entire village wakes up and repeats the fight.

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A heroic gesture, reaching remorse.

A statue was found underground

Another place is associated with a special history: Notre-Dame-de-Prédales Chapel. Dating from the 17th century, it is the only remaining building of the former Saint-Jacques Hospital.

It is a wooden Madonna, miraculously discovered in 1512. A man, digging the foundations of a wall, finds a chest in the earth containing a statue of the Virgin. Which becomes the object of worship.

One miracle is attributed to her: the healing of a paralyzed woman.

Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption Church is recent. This bright building was inaugurated in 1902. Neo-Gothic style, it has a beautiful station of the cross and stained glass windows by Charles Bori.

Stevenson and Mandrin

All the passengers were welcomed at Pradileesh, some people undertook the padyatra. Such as the Scottish writer Robert-Louis Stevenson. Author of Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. His journey has led to a book: Donkey with a Donkey in Travel.

Mandrin, a type of 18th-century Robin of the Woods, also came to Predile. He even bought two donkeys. Legally. Because he stole only the king’s tax collectors.

Rich in abundant past, Predilez is loyal to its tradition of hospitality. And always cross with two long distance hiking routes: Stevenson Path and Regorden Path.


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