“The most important election in history” in Scotland. If the nationalists win, the referendum on independence from London is coming to a close

Premiere of scotland Nikola Sturgeon He does not imitate words. A few days before the vote for the renewal of Parliament Holyrood, leader of Scottish Nationalist Party (Scottish National Party, SNP) described elections as described May 6 As “the most important in Scottish history”. Important, and on the “cutting edge”.

Ito SNP, Has been in power for 14 years Three consecutive terms (Albeit with a minority government with i.) gave Since 2016) is the leader in Survey Than the opposition parties of federalist conservatives and Labour. In The uk It is already believed that Sturgeon, Awarded for the clarity and continuity with which it faced an emergency CoronavirusAnother political victory will be achieved on Thursday. But the figures that will be revealed by the elections will further increase the tension Great britain And to keep the tenant Downing Street, Boris Johnson, The result of this important electoral mandate is pending.

If, as the surveys suggest, the Scottish Nationalist Party should actually win a majority 65 seats out of 129 Scottish Parliament Sturgeon Cards will be on hand to request Westminster A second referendum on Scotland’s independence, claiming it to be a “legitimate and constitutional” mandate despite the British Premier’s apparent disapproval Boris Johnson To give a second chance to Regression Scottish, And to crack The uk. Responding to the final appeal of the Tory leader, Sturgeon On the eve of the vote, he defined the consultation hypothesis as “reckless and irresponsible.” Great britain Of Brexie It needs unity to win after the challenge Kovid, Pick up where Of economy I Employment They are the “real priorities” of the people.

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Election 2021: “Referendum on referendum” – As you know, the example is: the party of the then leader of the SNP in 2011, Alex salmond, After winning a net majority of seats Holyrood Force the prime minister David Cameron To give the infamous referendum that after three years 55.30% of Scots saw the answer to the question on freedom as “no” Scotland.
To bury the majority of Sturgeon There may be a bitter dispute with his former mentor this time in the election. Salmond Joe, after escaping from the scandal Staff Sexual, Is now back as head of the new Nationalist Party Alba And may weaken the SNP’s votes.

Scottish Electoral System Provides two votes, one i. for 73 single-member colleges Elected with majority Drought, the other for the remaining deputies selected from regional lists with a proportional system. there Universal epidemic This could then have the effect of weakening historically low voter turnout, which has been around 53% since 1999 to date. Of the 25 competing parties, Conservative, Labor e liberal Democrats Seemingly appears to be in the race to prevent secession, but even if the Scottish Nationalist Party does not get an absolute majority, among the votes it wins Alba And those who should go gave Of party Scottish Greens (2 and 9 seats according to BMG estimates respectively), A. Holyrood A solid majority of Scottish Representative Pro-independence

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Break away from london or fix the economy? – road to Second Referendum Although it is upward. Radical separatist Sturgeon In 2016, referendum failure Brexie In Scotland (Where he was rejected by a sensational 62% number) to try again to break away from London And enter againEuropean Union, In open guerrilla warfare with premiere Johnson.

The emergency Coronavirus He placed the election manifesto of the leader at the center of the election SNP Reconstruction of economy Post-covid, Health, Work, And yes, his promise of a second Referendum At liberty, but not before autumn 2023 Once Universal epidemic Will be contained and have a glimpse of majority The second and last attempt at popular consulting to win.

7 years after the last referendum Sectarian In fact the Scottish electorate is not only still split 50/50 on secession, but also The dilemma Worsened due to economic extreme factors of Universal epidemic. “Freedom is not a distraction, but an essential element to overcome it” Kovid“, He insisted Sturgeon Many times, and so forth Weight Scale I stay The advantages To re-engage with the mainland against the cost of tears from London, Including the possibility of raising taxes at one time, according to an analysis, financial Times, Were Scotland Outside the UK it can run a fiscal deficit of up to 10% public interest litigation.

Johnson a. Ready to hit back with the piano Millionaire Of Investment Connecting roads and railway infrastructure England I Scotland, And also provides in the health and education sectors. Time is running out, by the time new elections are held in 2025, the Scots must have already become accustomed BrexieAnd for freedom, it is a question of ‘if not now or never’.

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