The Most Searched Fashion Trends of 2021 (Which We’ll Wear in 2022)

The Most Searched Fashion Trends of 2021 (Which We'll Wear in 2022)

fashion trends that come and go, Here we “Google” what we saw on the catwalks in the collection in 2021 and which we will also wear in 2022. What We Discovered Online This Year Reveals What We Really Want, as both a fashion craze and an expression of primary necessity: “2000s fashion” broke between “trend themes”, while fashion coined two neologisms that correspond to the wardrobe of tomorrow: everyone today. Knows what a “shet” or “catsuit” is.

era of loungewear

As Angela Missoni reminded us at the beginning of the year, it’s not long after we’ve actually been able to talk about a trend that more fully reflects the historical period we’re going through. this is loungewearThat is, all those clothes and accessories that we usually use to live in the house and which have now become the uniform of smart working (and not only). It goes beyond “Casual Friday” which later became “Casual Week”: because this wardrobe is essentially made up of jumpsuits, leggings, pajamas, sweaters, and very casual slippers.

platform shoes …

Versace is certainly the fashion hero of platform shoes that have literally invaded shop windows (even virtual ones). We saw them on the FW 2021 catwalk: they’re very tall and in the sophisticated colored satin. This fashion trend recorded a particular “peak” of interest since Sembre, when Fashion Week, with its spring-summer 2022 collection, proposed remarkable variations. There was no shortage of the most comfortable fall of stage amphibians.

…and sling-back

A perfect combination of elegance and comfort, especially when it comes to sling-back shoes with low heels: the most liked and most searched online. Here the web gives us a vast and varied panorama: While there is increasing interest in considerable heights, there are people who do not give up on a model that is easy to wear.

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certainty of coat

Down jackets are worn only on the ski slopes while fashionistas in the city choose amazing coats: camel models ensure a place of honor among the “trends” of 2021 with very soft teddy coat, while those who decided to expand the collection showed interest in blue or animal coats.

2000s fashion

The invitation is meant to express your personality: a potpourri of different styles that you love just as it did in the 2000s. ”), miniskirts, sweaters with cute collars, crystal chokers, total denim and fluorescent touches. Note: the shoes will be pointy and the shoulder bags will be in the shape of “baguettes” or “brioches”, while the theme of the “butterfly” will delight with its colorful wings.

sexy is cool

Miniskirts, super tight dresses and cut-outs but different ways to make denim absolutely sexy. Nancy Dojaka, Koperny, Maryam Nasser Zadeh, Tom Ford, David Koma, Laquan Smith and Saint Laurent showed models in very “hot” outfits.

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From Green “Meadow” to Pantone’s Very Perry

At a certain point everything was tinted “lawn” green: a sacred color in the symbolism of sustainability, even creative promoters of minimalist fashion have succumbed to this bright and bold shade. We’re sure we’ll find it again at the beginning of the year, also thanks to a new chapter in The Matrix (do you remember the green codes on a black background from 1999?), but it will soon be handed over to Periwinkle. , Very Perry “Color of the Year” 2022″ chosen by Pantone.

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