The new British government: Afro-British in key roles

The new British government: Afro-British in key roles

British Conservative neo-leader Liz Truss is preparing to form a new government team after being handed over to head of the UK government from Boris Johnson. Local media anticipate this, pending the first ministerial appointments scheduled for Tuesday afternoon, when the now former Foreign Minister will take possession of the residence at 10 Downing Street upon his return to London from Scotland following a formal designation by the Queen and Hand-Her Majesty. For the kissing ceremony.

The signs refer to the rise of several neo-Orthodox exponents from the former empire’s ethnic minorities and have all been placed among supporters of Brexit: notably Ghanaian family-born Kwasi Quarteng, who was elevated from minister of productive activities to chancellor. should be promoted. Scachiere (Super Minister of the Economy and Actual Number 2 of the Executive); James Cleverly, of Caribbean descent, was destined to inherit the truce overseas after being the holder of education abroad and the first No. 2 in the Foreign Office; and Indian-origin Suella Braverman was referred to Pector as the new interior minister after Johnson served under the attorney general.

The team will not include two other women whose reputation as a hawk (like Truss himself) is in the ranks of the conservative right: namely the controversial Priti Patel, who resigned from the Interior Ministry, and the less criticized Nadine Doris, Boris Johnson. A loyalist of K., but also a supporter of Liz’s first hour, stepped down from the culture minister’s seat this morning. Furthermore, Doris’ departure was taken lightly, as he was too divisive in the party (among other things, he had branded Truss’s rival Rishi Sunak as a “traitor” in the final ballot for succession). And because, according to newspapers, he was destined to move to the non-alternative House of Lords.

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