The oldest Scottish book, 11th century Celtic hymns, digitized


A Scottish heritage treasure has just joined the great library that is the Internet: the University of Edinburgh announced the launch of a digitization offered by Google, accessible to all. The work under consideration is a ‘Scottish Book of Culls’, in other words an illuminated book of hymns, possibly built in a monastery in western Scotland in the 11th century.

In particular, the manuscript originates on the island of Iona, which spans 800 hectares and appears in a novel by Jules Verne, The re-vert, Was published in 1882. The presence of a monastery on the island begins at 563, the date of the arrival of the Irish missionary Camera, who arrived with twelve fellows to spread Christianity.

The Digital Psalter, shaped to allow it to slip into a pocket, is a witness to the monastery’s presence on the island, and is a symbol for the spread of Christian dogma: it is rich with Celtic drawings and pictures, of two people who Were to be promoted then.

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The manuscript is part of the University of Edinburgh’s collection of rare and old books, numbering around 400,000 copies.

Digital manuscript Can be searched at this address.

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