The reopening of borders in Mauritius in August compromises

La réouverture des frontières à l

During the communication point of the National Communications Committee on Kovid-19 in Mauritius on 7 April, the Minister of Health, Dr. Kailash Jagutpal talked about the possible reopening of boundaries.

“The opening of the borders of Mauritius in August is topical.”

According to his explanation, the government applies not only to immunizing the population to achieve “collective immunity”, but also to open borders for economic reasons. According to him, 16% of the population has been vaccinated. “Once we’re at 60 to 70%, of course, we’ll reopen our boundaries,” he said. Therefore, out of a population of 1,273,000, at least 763,000 people should be vaccinated.

The coronovirus vaccination campaign began on 26 January with a number of hiccups, including a high-contested consent form, unauthorized vaccines and the recent lack of vaccines.

Unfortunately, we should not expect the borders to reopen soon. The beginning of the country’s vaccination campaign was a ray of hope for the arrival of tourists, even as Prime Minister Pravin Juganhat said it would allow the government to review its strategy about reopening borders in the near future . But this statement was probably premature.

Kovid-19: There is no guarantee that we will have other vaccines, says Praveen Jugnath

It was a cold bath following Pravin Jugnauth’s statement, in response to opposition leader Xavier-Luke Duval during a private information question in Parliament on 6 April. The Prime Minister explained that all laboratories “Cannot fulfill supplies and orders”. And to add that there is currently one “Vaccine War”.


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