The shortened 4-day week becomes a reality. Here’s how Belgium, Spain, and company are. they are executing it

 The shortened 4-day week becomes a reality.  Here's how Belgium, Spain, and company are.  they are executing it
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Belgium is the latest to join a still sparse list of countries that offer their workers four working days a week, while the United Arab Emirates is the first country to adopt four and a half days a week. The Belgian government aims to further improve the quality of life of the country’s workers by promoting the 4-day work week. Restrictions on federal employees from answering calls or emails outside business hours, “We have gone through two difficult years. With this agreement, we have set a beacon for an economy that is more innovative, sustainable and digital. The goal is to be able to make people and businesses stronger” are the words of the Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Cru, while Labor Minister Pierre-Yves Dermigne specified that each worker could decide whether to work four days a week. And the employer should justify refusing to give.

Short week but worked with the same number of hours

Workers in Belgium now work for a four-day work week. can apply for Trial period of six months. They can stick with the shorter workweek or skip it if they want. However, workers must maintain a work week. 38 hoursWhich means they have to work harder for each of the four days to get an extra day off (nine and a half hours a day).

And in other countries?

The United Arab Emirates, on the other hand, is the first country in the world to adopt a four-day working week, declaring that from this year all government bodies in the country will work four-and-a-half days a week, with weekends starting at noon on Fridays. Lasts till Sunday.

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There Scotland Reduced working hours by 20% to match a four-day work week. similar to scotland Spain Four day working week announced. In this case the Iberian government accepted a 32 hour work week For three years without any deduction in the wages of workers.

Following in the footsteps of Spain, Japan Considering implementing a four-day work week. This decision is somewhat surprising, given that Japan has a fast-paced work culture and people die from overwork because they have little or no time for vacation.

in Italy Carter and BensonIn Milan, January 2020 introduced a shortened week of 36 hours, without productivity loss and with more motivated workers, according to the company.


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