‘The time has come for Scotland to become an independent European nation,’ Sturgeon announced.

'The time has come for Scotland to become an independent European nation,' Sturgeon announced.

There is no unanimous support for the recent Brexit deal. Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon of the Independence Party said on Thursday, 24 December, that there was also time to become a British province, “Independent European Nations”Following the conclusion of the Brexit trade agreement between the United Kingdom and the European Union.

“Brexit is coming against the will of the people of Scotland”, Who voted 62% against leaving the EU, tweeted Nicola Sturgeon, insisting it“No agreement can ever take Brexit away from us”.

“It is time to chart our own future as an independent European nation”He said, as London refused, a new referendum on independence to Scotland.

Nicola Sturgeon by Alex Taylor, “He Looks Scots in the Eye”

A second referendum

A noted nationalist, Nicola Sturgeon joined the Scottish National Party (SNP) in 1986 at the age of 16, as deputy coordinator for youth and never ceased to be an activist within this party, including He is ‘one of the leading thinkers’. .

During the organization of the first referendum on the independence of Scotland in September 2014, “No” won by 55%. But the SNP did not turn its back on its objective, relying on the results of the June 2016 Brexit referendum. Scotland then voted 62% against Brexit, unlike the United Kingdom, which voted for the entire 52% for divorce.

How Boris Johnson re-expresses Scotland’s desire for independence

Thus, from April 2019 onwards, Nicola Sturgeon announced a bill aimed at organizing a new referendum on the independence of Scotland by 2021.

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Thatcher Trauma

Born in Irvine on July 19, 1970, into a small political family, he explained on several occasions that he had built a political conscience in the 1980s, witnessing the demonetisation of the country. “The Dark Days of Thatcher Era”In his words.

“I was struck by the fact that Thatcher had done all this in Scotland when Scotland had not voted for her”, She was recalled during her party’s spring conference in Aberdeen in April 2014.Brexit: Theresa May, three years in hell

He said, “We were very aware and very angry at the time because of the democratic deficit. This always inspires me. “


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