The U.S. imposed a trade ban on China’s top chipmaker

The U.S. imposed a trade ban on China's top chipmaker

Department of S.I.M.C. Not directly commented on, but stated Reuters That U.S. There was “constant monitoring and evaluation” of potential threats to security and foreign policy.

SMIC, meanwhile, was found to have caught on surprisingly. A spokesman said the chip giant had not received any official word of the ban and reiterated its rejection of the military link. According to the representative, the company chips and services are “for civilian and commercial end users and end uses only.”

The semiconductor maker is the second top company to be added to the entity list After Huawei. While the effect of the ban will not be clear until the Commerce Department decides who (if any) will get the license, it could be a significant blow to Chinese technology as a whole. Whenever S.I.M.C. It is called the U.S. U.S. He may have to turn to technology whenever he wants to upgrade his product or maintain hardware, and there is no guarantee that he will get what he wants. It can find itself behind competitors who have access to huge devices.

This could have a knock-on effect for SMIC-based companies. Huawei needs SMIC to make it Some Kirin chips In its phones, especially after losing the losing traces of partners like TSMC – it could face more trouble if SMIC cannot meet the demands under the new restrictions. Don’t be surprised if the Chinese government retaliates with comparative sanctions on American companies.


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