The UK is looking for employees: companies offer up to ten thousand pounds to stay in the UK

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NS covid-19 pandemic joined in brexie Unfortunately, they represent a deadly combo for the UK economy. These two factors have, in fact, prompted many workers to leave Great Britain. Many posts of social and health workers, shop assistants, waiters and cooks are vacant..

As if that weren’t enough.”pingdemia“Or Forced isolation of thousands of workers after coming in contact with a positive person. With the Delta version, this chain reaction is triggered by a tracking app developed by the National Health Service (NHS) that alerts the person concerned of the contact and invites them to respect the 10-day quarantine period.

The results are currently very worrying, according to the latest research, More than one lakh jobs are vacant And many companies are grappling with staff shortage. Specifically, there are about 85 thousand in the logistics sector and another 31 thousand in the retail sector.

To curb the problem and attract human resources, some entrepreneurs and employers in the catering, social services and retail sectors have also come up with a plan. Recruitment Entry Bonus. the most striking example of this HC One, one of the main operators in home care service, which is providing a Ten thousand pounds reward for two posts of night nurse Special in Scotland. A similar measure has been adopted by the companies Asda, Tesco and Arla which currently offer entry bonuses of around £1,000 to new employees.

However, the area of food and drink For the role of chef continues to be the most punished with 70 thousand places, including 42 thousand. For this reason, pubs and restaurants have taken another initiative by adopting a wage-rounding policy. Increase in “Service Fee”, or the amount added to the account and intended solely for the employee.


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