The undefeated PSG, Florian Gazzan’s bets this season

The undefeated PSG, Florian Gazzan's bets this season

Florian Gazzan is back for a season 2, because “unlike Mbappe, he agreed to expand, even though, on the other hand, he didn’t even love the biggest Spanish radio station”. NS big hurdles return back And already, the columnist is under pressure because for last season’s premiere, he predicted Lionel Messi’s arrival in Paris. Visionary.

He specifies that he did not touch anything on the transfer, because “otherwise he would not have been on a Saturday morning in August”. A month of August that succeeded PSG in Ligue 1 and that made Florian Gazzan a daredevil his first big hurdles Season 2: “PSG will be undefeated this season”handjob He declares confidence.

It will be the first club to achieve this in France. In Europe, Arsenal did this in 2004. The only team that failed to achieve this feat in France was Nantes in 1995 with Oedec, Pedros, Loco and company. The Canaries had lost 2–0 in only one match against Strasbourg.

PSG to drop point record

There are more challenges for PSG, who could beat Prerna in all these records. Because for the columnist, “after 3 days there are already 8 points in the standings on Monaco and 7 points ahead on Lille and Lyon, if that happens, PSG will be crowned 2022 champions before the end of 2021”.

He also allows himself to say that Messi won’t be very helpful as Paris’ superiority in the league is already humiliating at the start of the season. But it would be a great loss for France because Messi will bring in 40 million euros in taxes annually. “We put Neymar’s name on the Eiffel Tower when he arrived, Messi there, we would engrav his name in the bercy at the entrance to the Ministry of Economy,” he jokes.

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When it comes to outrageous domination, PSG stalls, In 2016, with Zlatan, he set the second leading point record with a margin of 31 points. This is the year he became the earliest champion in history, starting in March. Another record fell was that of the number of points in a season with 96.

The Paris of Messi, Neymar and perhaps Mbappe can aim for the symbolic 100-point bar in the league which has never been done. even, to beat World record set in 2017 by the Scots of Celtic Glasgow: 107 points out of 114 possible in 38 games. “Another 33 wins and for PSG it will be ‘in the pocket’ … in Pochettino at the end”, jokes the columnist.

Other records to watch

Paris could also compete with Lille in 1937, having won their first eight games of the season, which, at the moment, is 3 out of 3. In terms of goals scored, two are record picks and have been held for a very long time. for a long time. The man who inspired PSG’s attack is Record of goals scored in a season: 118. It dates back to 1960 and is held by RC Paris.

The record for scoring goals in a single match goes back to 1938, and this is Roueniso. Jean Nicolas, who owns it with 7 achievements in one sitting… “If on each goal his teammates threw themselves to congratulate him, the man had to end up in the emergency room, completely in plaster,” remarked Florian Gazzan.

In the end, he ends up with a personal best to beat. for Neymar. i.e. the number of league games in a season. His record is 20 out of 38 And he hasn’t played a minute in Ligue 1 yet. A season that could permanently mark PSG in history.

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