“The Unexpected Inspector” by Gianni Abbet in Seleno, at the national premiere

performance – Saturday July 9 at 9.15 pm in Ghost Town – this is repeated the next day at Bagnoreggio in Piazza Cristofori

tap theater

seleno – We receive and publish – for the apriti tusia review of the tap theater funded by the Carevit Foundation and by the participating municipalities, it debuts in the national premiere, Saturday 9 July at 9.15 pm in Ghost Town of Seleno, “The Unexpected Inspector” by Gianni Abate da Gogol, always with a repeat at 10.15 at Bagnoreggio in Piazza Cristofori on Sunday 21.15. It is a brutal satire, an act of scathing condemnation of public corruption.

“I set Gogol’s work – says Abate – in an unknown town in northern Italy, populated by corrupt characters, bookmakers and smugglers, in the early 2000s. The story unfolds as a comedy of misunderstanding, with The viewer can observe two levels of action, one without the knowledge of the other, with the inevitable fun until the turning point obvious to all. We come to the plot. The news of the arrival of an official of the state administration in the northern city made the mayor and exposed the fear of the public, who were accustomed to poor governance and robberies even inside the hospital, for contempt of punishment and infringing correspondence.

In an effort to provide an ethical and honest image of his conduct, he sets up a system of security and support, including financial ones, for a young man staying at a town’s starred hotel, whom he believes is a suspected overseer. Which the mayor will also give his daughter’s hand. Poor, partly out of disorientation and partly out of opportunism, accepts alleged loans that the authorities give him with the intention of obtaining his altruism as well as blackmailing him.

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Meanwhile, the false officer not only collects a lot of money, but also conquers the mayor’s daughter and always enters the grace of the mayor’s greedy and lustful wife. The young man’s timely release overwhelms the corrupt ruling class, realizing that he cannot grab more, disappears in time, thus betraying the traitors. The final turn, the arrival of the real Inspector General who will deliver the final blow to the gang of scoundrels”. In Abate’s rewrite, Gogol’s satirical gaze is expressed in an even more parody vision, where the caricature characters, colorful Romans, with a distinctive Northern accent With speeches circling around this false inspector. The story should be dramatic, but it certainly turns out to be comical.

Participants: Gianni Abbett, Ennio Cucuccini, Alessandra Cappuccini, Gabriele Ludovisi and Simonetta Scosze, Lighting Technician Tommaso Abbett, directed by Gianni Abbett.

Info: 3471103270 – iportidellateverina.it

tap theater

4 July 2022


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