the vision. Brexit: This pact opens the door for “Brexiternity” of negotiations

  the vision.  Brexit: This pact opens the door for

this is the first time, in the history, That a trade agreement increases, does not decrease, trade barriers. From 1 January, all goods and food moving between England and the continent will have to be checked by customs inspectors.

forget it The truckers are waiting The test has to be done to enter France. Soon the queues in Dover and Kailas will become even longer, as 10,000 trucks crossing the channel every day will have to check to enter the EU Customs Union.

The European Union employs 40,000 officers in its institutions. The UK will require between 50,000 and 60,000 new customs officers to fill millions of forms for every big business or a single person who wants to buy something in Europe or sell anything in France.

Beneficial for europe

The European Union has negotiated a very lucrative deal. It exports products, especially food, which gives the European Union a trade surplus of 100 million euros every year. The deal is based on the economy of manufactured goods and food items of the 19th century.

Britain’s wealth rests on the intangible services economy of the 21st century. But our bankers, financial experts, currency traders, international lawyers, management consultants, film and television producers and editors, singers, musicians, artists will no longer be able to trade freely with Europe without obtaining a visa and authorizing someone. One on each trip.

Like some from Amsterdam, Dublin, Frankfurt and Paris, there will be a significant relocation to the city’s European capitals in which no English native knows how to navigate.

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A win for Barnier

Was the big winner Michelle barnier. He was patient, sociable, determined and forced London to accept most of the EU’s demands. Last year Boris Johnson came to see Barnier and struck a deal. Bernier gave him one he had given to Theresa May. He rejected it because it meant that the UK’s corner of Ireland to the north-east of the island would be subject to EU rules for trade purposes.

Johnson had no interest in Northern Ireland and, like most people in England, would be happy to see the small northeast corner of the island of Ireland and eventually agree to live in a republic.

He won a good majority in December 2019 based on the Barnier proposal. He now claims great success with the deal. But again, it was Barnier with the support of President Macron and Chancellor Merkel, who won.

London is up to European standards

The UK is still going out of business. It must comply with EU regulations and standards on workers’ rights, the environment and public subsidies. There will be a customs check on goods and food between England and Northern Ireland.

Johnson agreed that access to Gibraltar would be regulated by the EU Regulation and Frontex, the European Union’s border agency. This is a long-standing request of Madrid who are very happy that Gibraltar has been relieved of London control. Everyone in Britain is tired, 20 years after the hate campaign against Europe. They simply want to end Brexit and still do not feel that it is just the beginning.

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Mr Johnson would secure his majority in Parliament but his problems would only begin. Millions of young people would lose access to English parents or had to travel or work or retire independently in Europe without applying for a visa or special permit. They will lose free EU medical treatment, and cell phone use can be very expensive.

Scotland towards independence?

The Scottish people voted to remain in the European Union. He believes that an aristocrat in southern England, led by Boris Johnson, has stolen his Scottish birthright to be European. The possibility of a referendum on the isolation of Scotland from England Are increasing every day. The Queen could end her reign as Queen of England and not the United Kingdom.

There is no longer daily access to Brussels for European policy makers in Washington, Beijing, Delhi, London, or monthly meetings with other EU heads of government will give President Biden less and less interest. At the very least, these uncomfortable truths will be revealed. Like Switzerland, which has been negotiating with the European Union since 1993, London will soon find it should resume talks with Brussels to resolve 1,001 trade issues not covered by the deal.

Brexit lost and although the European Union was the main winner of the deal, the rights and image of Britain remained no longer members of the Treaty of Britain.

Former minister for Europe is Dennis McShane under Tony Blair. His latest book is “Brexiternity”. The Untrace Fate of Britain ”(published by IB Tauris).


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