The world’s largest oil exporter will achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2060, says Crown Prince

The world's largest oil exporter will achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2060, says Crown Prince

Bin Salman told the Saudi Green Initiative Forum that the country aims to achieve its goal “through its circular approach to a carbon economy in accordance with the kingdom’s development plans”.

Aramco’s chief executive, Armin Nassar, told the forum that state-owned Aramco, the world’s largest oil company, plans to achieve this by 2050.

The Crown Prince said Saudi Arabia would plant more than 450 million trees as part of the first phase of a deforestation and degraded land reclamation initiative to increase the kingdom’s reserves by more than 20%.

The crown prince also said that Saudi Arabia would make Riyadh “one of the most sustainable cities in the world”.

The Saudi Green Initiative Forum is being held in Riyadh on Saturday to bring together businesses, international NGOs, environment and climate ministers ahead of COP26 talks from 31 October to 12 November at the Scottish campus in Glasgow.

Prince Charles gave a keynote address on stage, warning in a virtual address that there is an “alarmingly narrow window” to accelerate the global “green recovery” and adding that the international community needs to lay the groundwork for it. Will have to collect. Future.

He said Saudi Arabia’s efforts are “very important in the energy transition”.

Prince Charles said: “All I can say is that it is very encouraging to see the commitment to diversify our energy mix, while recognizing the broad economic, social and environmental benefits that renewable energy can provide.”

CNN’s Elle Pickston contributed to this report.


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