“The worst months of the epidemic await us.” Israel in total lockdown from today to January 21

Kovid In the world it still runs. Government of Japan The capital has decided to introduce a month-long state of emergency for Tokyo and three nearby provinces: The decision comes after an alarming increase in infections in recent weeks. Prime Minister Yoshihida Suga, during a press conference, made known in light of the constant updates to the daily record, which prompted the metropolis to account for nearly 70 thousand infections; Just under a third of the national total. “We are declaring a state of emergency because” there are concerns that the rapid spread of new coronaviruses across the country will have a significant impact on the lives of residents and the economy, Suga said during a meeting of experts. State of emergency Initially concerns the capital and three neighboring areas, starting from Friday and for a period of one month. Japanese law does not provide for penalties for failing to comply with measures, even in the event of an emergency, but the government is preparing an amendment to the law, which will allow it to recover restructured companies.


“Apparently we still have the worst months of the epidemic – I think it can be anticipated”. he said Angela MerkelKovid comments on the development of infection in Germany. Chancellor reiterated that in this situation “a piece of hope” comes from the availability of vaccines.


Midnight to today (local time) and 21 January Israel Will file as decided by the government Lockdown Overall while new infections are high and the vaccination campaign does not stop. From this night, all non-essential production activities, schools (except for a few specific cases), non-primary commercial activities, all recreational spaces and even places of worship will be closed. It will not even be possible to leave the house for more than a kilometer, Except for vaccinations or going home to others, public transport will operate at 50%. Prohibition of gathering more than 5 people indoors and 10 outside (with few exceptions). Only those purchasing airplane tickets can leave the country before the lockdown takes effect. Cases in the last 24 hours have been in line with the trend of the past few days, which has prompted the government to fix sanctions: 7,820 with a positive rate, compared to a record of swabs equal to 127,140, ​​6.2%. As of yesterday the people who were given the first dose have reached about 1,600,000.

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Kovid, direct: Great Britain and Germany, Scotland close towards lockdown. Vaccine doubts for South African version

United States of america Meanwhile, he recorded a record of 3,865 deaths from coronovirus in the last 24 hours: it originates from the Johns Hopkins University count. At the same time, 253,145 new cases were reported. The data brings the total toll of 21,299,340 and 361,123 deaths. At least 17,288,950 vaccine doses have been distributed in the country so far and at least 5,306,797 have been administered.

Kovid, 50,000 new cases in Great Britain. Johnson: “Schools reopen on 18 January”. Germany died over a thousand

Coronavirus cases in Russia have increased by 23,541 in the last 24 hours for a total of 3,332,142 infections. The Coronavirus Crisis Center said so. The average growth rate in the last three days has not been more than 0.7%, notes Tass. The deaths were 506 instead of a total of 60,457 victims.

Kovid vaccine, vaccination begins in Europe: from Czech prime minister to 101-year-old woman in Germany

The Kovid vaccine is 62% favorable in Italy (as in Spain). French is most suspected among Russians and South Africans

English version Kovid in 3 European Union countries (Holland, Denmark and Australia). Oxford: “Don’t Worry About Vaccines”

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