Their golf resort in Scotland is losing money

Their golf resort in Scotland is losing money

Things are not looking good for Trump’s golf course in Scotland: the resort has been making losses for eight years. Trump’s sons are still hopeful.

Donald Trump’s golf resort in Scotland has lost more than £ 1 million for the eighth consecutive year. “The Sun” reports. Documents show that Trump International Golf Links in Aberdeenshire made a total loss of 1,103,248 pounds (equivalent to around 1.2 million euros) in 2019.

The elected US president opened the resort in 2012 after an argument with environmental activists. His son Eric recently stated: “The severity of the impact (of coronaviruses) on the golf, leisure and hospitality industries is unprecedented and was unpredictable at the onset of the epidemic.” Still, the resort’s directors believe the resort will be profitable, Trump’s son said.

Trump International Scotland’s net debt has increased to £ 12m as the Trump organization continues to pour money into the losing golf course. The £ 44.4 million loan is over assets of around £ 32 million.

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