They drop two ministers at the end of the race in Downing Street Johnson

Johnson migranti

One tsunami crashes Downing Street and Boris Johnson With the resignation of two strong pieces of the British government, the Minister of Economy, Rishi Sunak and the Minister of Health, Sajid Javid.

Downing Street, Boris Johnson towards the end

At a critical moment in British public life, two ministers left two important portfolios open, and the exponential increase in the cost of living for a significant increase in the cases of both covid in country. Boris Johnson can’t keep going for Sunak and Javid.

The Camel’s Back Straw was the story of party deputy leader Chris Pincher, who sexually assaulted two men last Wednesday at a private club in the presence of colleagues and prominent figures. It seems that Pincher’s habits were well known in conservative circles but Johnson still wanted to name him as his loyal loyalist. Just two days earlier, the prime minister said he was unaware of Pincher’s reports prior to his appointment, but his words have been widely denied in the national media.

The government led by Boris Johnson is “falling down” Opposition leader Labor Party is of the opinion Keer starrer, “It is clear that this government is falling. Tory ministers always knew who the prime minister was. They have been their cheerleaders during this tragic saga,” Starr said while speaking to the British media. He went on to say, “The ministers have been his allies on every occasion, dishonoring his office and disappointing the country. Had he been honest, he would have left months earlier. He would not have betrayed the British. The Tory party is corrupt and an individual.” Replacing it will not solve it,” Starmer said.

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“Looks like Johnson may be nearing the end, and it’s not too soon”: the Scottish Premier’s caustic comment, Libertarian Nicola SturgioN. «It should be noted that the ministers who resigned decided to leave only when they lied, but they themselves defended them by lying. The whole rotten lot has to go. And Scotland needs the option of independence to remainSturgeon wrote on his Twitter profile.


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