This year, “Day of Overgrowth” will arrive on July 29

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According to World, today it will almost take1,7 Terre To meet the needs of the world’s population in a sustainable manner. While not a very encouraging announcement, a few months ago, the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) published a final report on the current and future impacts of climate change, to say the least alarming. Despite the modest growth seen in 2020, the world’s population – which has experienced a 121% increase since 1970 According to US NGO data – it always seems that our planet consumes more than it can produce.

Sad record of 2019… again reached

For decades the date of ‘Growth Days’ has been going back and forth. In 2019, the date was fixed as July 29 and became the subject of a sad record. In 2020, he had experienced a slight regression by settling 22 August When the whole world took a break from the Kovid-19 pandemic. However, we must believe that this motion was not permanent, quite the contrary. Indeed, as reported WorldDespite some of the improvements seen in 2020 in terms of ecology,carbon footprint experienced one 6.6% growth – Globally – compared to last year. At the core of this growth, we can point the finger at the resumption of most human and economic activity around the world after several weeks (or several months), particularly during the last six months of the year 2020. ) Strict prevention.

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A climate emergency we must act against

Scottish politician Susan Aitken talks about the issue, reports World : « With more than five months from the end of the year, this July 29 we will have exhausted the planetary budget for biological resources for 2021. If we need a reminder of the climate and ecological emergency we are facing, “Earth is having its day” “Take care of it” he announced. Words revealing the planetary emergency that humanity must face natural disasters related to climate change Pop ups are becoming more and more recurrent around the world.

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Faced with the consequences of human activity on our planet – and therefore on humanity itself – governments around the world are trying to take measures to combat climate change. as reported byAFPAbout 195 countries started looking at forecasts from UN climate experts just a few months ago 26th edition of COP (Conference of the Parties), to be held in Glasgow, Scotland, from 1 November to 12 November 2021. With regard to France, the National Assembly adopted on 20 July 2021 climate and resilience law, with the aim of Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030.

In the meantime, you can already get A little insight into your own ecological footprint by the way what is the exam Designed by Global Footprint Network. Because if the fight against climate change depends on measures taken by governments around the world, it also involves some small changes in our daily actions!

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