Three questions from Ricardio about “experts”

Three questions from Ricardio about

few days back, Walter Ricciardi A tweet was posted yesterday by the Huffington Post, apparently looking for a mentor Roberto Spernza, missing From screens and newspapers. Commented on the decision of the Government of Nova Scotia of Canada, which decided Lockdown “Listening to the opinions of experts”, Ricciardi said: “There are politicians who reject experts because, incredibly, they listen to their suggestions, those countries are much better.”

Unnecessary and harmful lockdown

Oh no, Professor Ricciardi. First: that Experts Can they, the only brilliant suggestion, be “closer, closer, closer”? Frankly, for this, which is the easiest and not the most complicated solution, which requires the advice of a specialized technician, politicians alone are enough. Also, many experts, who might not think like you, but have studied how and perhaps more than you do, believe it Lockdown Prolonged ones are useless and harmful, as they do not stop the virus but kill the economy. On the other hand, have experts like you never received a word about the option of closure, or about the development of home therapy? Because, when doctors treated their patients, many times the Ministry successfully announced The dogma of “Tachipirina and the observant wait”, Which still remains sufficiently unchanged, that Gianni Reza has come up with a self-styled new protocol that gives green light, but only in rare cases, to cortisone and heparin?

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