Today, “My hair is turning white in Hungary” – Liberation

Every week, a look at Poetry News. This Monday, visits to Guillaume Decourt.

Did he really make all these trips? this can be done. It is also possible that he will take us by boat. whatever. “Did we have a good time at the Los Alamos salon?” / I feel like it is / But it’s not a sure thing.” The manufactured pictures are there. Guillaume Decourt signed a book of great evocative power, in a remarkable economy.

. each step ofan 80 km de monterey Holds in four quadrants. There are 44 in total. An almost mathematical project, therefore, where it is a question of taking into account the scenes, impressions of life, the somewhat perplexed traveler who travels through Budapest, Glasgow, California and Boston to the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris. Each poem reads like a micro-narrative, always oscillating between everyday life and exoticism, sometimes recalling, in the art of being a spectator of one’s own life, the manner of Master William Cliffe. does. “Miss Powers doesn’t like / My wife’s clothes / She says: ‘I’ll never wear / Your wife’s clothes'”.

Here are two poems from the book.

23. And the rest

Reverend Gordon B. Armstrong

looks at me in amazement

and pronounces many times

stained glass words with a Scottish accent

it’s a little too simple

Joe Paisley Resonates at Church

a nice little gentleman in limbo

former french teacher

Remember Aix-en-Provence

and Court Mirabeau


C├ęzanne Sainte-Victoire and so on

Meanwhile I thought you were gone

forever but you’re back

let’s love each other so be happy

God’s glory in the highest heaven

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26. Sigognes

I tell you my hair is turning white in Hungary

It’s Definitely Not Eager’s Wrestler Wins

The one who will deny me the one who will never forget:

“Boat buzzing like a fly”

We stayed in the cabin on the Danube

Sir John Ross then Amerigo Vespucci

I dreamed that a helpless check offered

A Baron de Rothschild bottle to my mother

A little later the gypsy soloist of Astoria

a hundred dollars stuck in the neck of his violin

I gave in escalope and goulasho

And I caught my first smallpox in Gelerta

let’s go to the great field

we will love each other in the great plains

we will understand each other in the great field

All will be for good in the great field

Guillaume Decourt, an 80 km de monterey, Athleides Edition, 64 pages, 16 euros.


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