Tony Hsih had a 2-word employment policy in Zeppos, and he was a perfect genius

Tony Hsih had a 2-word employment policy in Zeppos, and he was a perfect genius

There are so many good reasons to remember Tony Hsieh, But I keep thinking about one in particular: unusual employment Policy On zappos, Where Sisih was the CEO For two decades.

At the very-very-very-young age of 46, he is even more proud after dying on Friday.

Zappos twice pulled companies out of the ground and found big exits: Zappos acquired Amazon for billion 1.2 billion, and before that, Luxexchange, which Microsoft acquired for 26 265 million before Hussey turned 25 years old.

He was also a booster in the city of Las Vegas, where Zappos is headquartered, and a thoughtful leader in entrepreneurship and business, starting with the publication of his book. To deliver Happiness..

But, I want to remember them for something else.

Not just the austerity he was known for – the nearby billionaires who lived in one country Airstream trailer Because, as he once explained, he appreciates experiences on things – but instead, Zeppos is for a 2-word policy for new employees.

I’m talking about the “er fur” policy, which is a big reminder that life is short now, and we have many opportunities to find our true call gender.

The program worked like this: a week or so after the job, some new Zappos employees will be told they have a choice.

They can continue the journey they started – or else, they can leave. If they choose to “leave”, the company will pay them to go.

It was not philanthropy; Zappos was better without employees who didn’t want to go there. But, I can’t help but think that it was a real favor for those who have taken a job at Zappos, to understand that it is not right.

After Amazon acquired Zappos – and allowed it to remain as a freestanding division, led by CS – “Big Amazon” also embraced a version of the idea.

This Amazon Repeat Amazon offers the fulfillment center employees પરિ 1,000 each year in which they have worked to leave Amazon, up to Amazon 5,000.

Hussey sold the Zappos to Amazon in 2009, and I believe that when “Off Fur” resonated with me so quickly that it was because of what I was doing at the time when I first heard about it.

Short version: I started a new six-figure job as a lawyer, only the first day I realized I had made a big mistake in taking it. I said goodbye immediately – There was no $ 1000 or $ 5,000 offer – and the situation ignited a fire under me to quickly start a business that could support a family.

After a while, When I have written about it, Understood My fame 15 minutes The whole experience out. But the real benefit was confirming that spending more than a day in life was so fleeting that what I knew would not be for me.

So, Tony in peace Hsieh. I hope and pray that his family finds comfort. Others will share their tributes: Jeff Bezos, Chris Bag, And Tony Hawk, For example.

But I will also remember it for the lesson of “er fur”.

Life is too short to follow the wrong path. And today is always a great day to start finding the right one.

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