Tories destroy workers’ stronghold in local election

Tories destroy workers' stronghold in local election

it’s a win “historic”, According to him. Britain’s Conservative Party managed to get an MP elected in Hartlepool, for the first time in more than fifty years in this Labor and Brexit stronghold, took a genuine dig at Labor and its leader, Keir Starmer.

Jill Mortimer, who will replace the outgoing elected official who resigned over allegations of sexual harassment, gathered more than 15,000 votes, nearly double the score of her Labor and Europhile rival. This victory strengthens conservatives after their take, during the 2019 legislative elections “Red Wall” Labour, those areas of northern England that were affected by de-industrialization and adapted to Brexit.

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“If there is one lesson to be learned from this campaign across the UK, it is that the public will want us to continue to focus on their needs and priorities.”British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told Hartlepool where he had come to congratulate the winning candidate. He has actually passed his first electoral test since the entry into force of the Conservative tidal wave in the legislative elections and Brexit. “This is a place that voted for Brexit. We’ve got Brexit, and thanks to that, we can do other things.”, she added.

Conservatives’ Progress

Countdown to local elections held in the country will continue throughout the weekend, but in any case the first results for Boris Johnson “very encouraging”. They show that the Tories had made progress throughout England, and especially in the north, for example by gaining control of the local council of Northumberland.

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“Let’s not forget: Johnson achieved Brexit, PM popular among voters who ‘left’ [en faveur du Brexit]“The Tory government spent astronomical amounts during the pandemic and ran a very successful vaccination campaign.” against covid-19, “And the economy is turning upside down”handjob analyzed on twitter jane greenProfessor of Political Science at Oxford University. Elements that are weighed heavily by the pandemic’s very poor record (more than 127,000 dead) and recent scandals that have exposed the very close ties between power and private interests.

disgrace to labor

For Labor opposition leader Keir Starmer, it is a disgrace, and a bad omen for his goal of rebuilding Labor before the next general election in 2024. With a more centrist line than his predecessor Jeremy Corbyn, he promised to keep the party. A few months after its defeat in the legislative elections, the formation got back on track by taking command.

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“This is the most glaring example that the party has so far failed to approach the working class voters who have voted “leave” », said John Curtis, an expert on British elections on the BBC.

The demand for change arose rapidly among Labor. “Keir Starmer needs to think twice about his strategy”handjob MP Diane Abbott tweeted. “We are lagging behind in areas where we have to win. The labor chief must change direction immediately”handjob Added his colleague Richard Bergen.

The by-election was held in England, Scotland and Wales as part of a local and regional ballot, the largest in nearly fifty years, postponed by a year due to the pandemic.

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suspense in scotland

Forty-eight million voters were called to renew some 5,000 seats in 143 local assemblies in England as well as 13 mayors, including the Welsh and Scottish parliaments and the capital London. Labor Sadiq Khan, who in 2016 became the first Muslim mayor of a major western capital, is favoring a second term against his main rival, the conservative Sean Bailey.

In Scotland, where parliament is renewed, the future of the United Kingdom is at stake. The Scottish National Party (SNP) separatist in power formed First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, hoping for a major victory to pave the way for a new referendum of self-determination. The first result is expected by Saturday evening.

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Boris Johnson strongly opposes this, believing that a consultation in 2014, which voted 55% in favor of staying in the UK, could not take place. “once per generation”. Supporters of a new referendum say Brexit, which was opposed by 62% of Scots, was a game-changer.

After months of elections that promised a majority in favor of SNP growth and independence, the SNP may be disillusioned, with recent polls predicting a less spectacular victory than expected. “It’s Really Played on a Razor’s Edge”, recognized, thursday, nicola sturgeon.

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