Traditional music and dance from Scotland at the Gran Guardia for the Christmas event “Verona Scottish Christmas” Event in Verona on 4 December 2021

Traditional music and dance from Scotland at the Gran Guardia for the Christmas event

The sounds and dances of Scottish tradition are back, an appointment in Veronese Christmas tradition. Saturday 4 December It will be held in the auditorium at 9 pm great guard Concert Verona Scottish ChristmasOrganized by the Verona Swing Cultural Association in collaboration with the Department of Decentralization.

After being shut down last year due to the pandemic, the initiative has been revived with several new features on Saturday evenings, starting with an evocative choreography of lights being experienced for the first time. There will also be marches, jigs and anthems by the Orobian Pipe Band, a Scottish bagpipe and percussion band, enriched with choreography by dancers from the Scotia Shores Academy of Scottish Dance.

The special guests for this edition will be the Cateaters Pipe Band and the legendary band Alban Foom, who are known for playing Irish music but who will perform all Scottish songs for the occasion.

The event is officially recognized by the National Piping Centre, a Glasgow institution dedicated to the sound of the bagpipes and is a reference point for visiting artists to participate in the update.

information and contacts

Admission to the program is free, with invitation tickets that can be collected from tomorrow, 30 November, at the Verona Box Office, Via Palone 16 from 9.30 to 12.30 and from 15.30 – 19.30 except Saturday afternoons and Sundays. A maximum of two tickets can be collected per person, and it will be mandatory to comply with the current anti-COVID provisions to access the concert.

For information the Verona Swing Cultural Association 338 7688643,

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The event was presented in the tapestry room by Decentralization Counselor Marco Padovani and Verona Swing Cultural Association President Marco Sorio with collaborator Filippo Borgo: “It is a pleasure to resume the path started years ago with this concert every year. It is a matter of new sentiments – Commissioner Padovani said -. We are happy to be able to propose this appointment again, as it is always attractive and much awaited by citizens. We have managed to organize every detail in the best possible way, and we are sure that we will sell it ยป.


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