Two environment ministers joined the government

Two environment ministers joined the government

Why is this agreement historic?

A coalition of the Scottish Green Party and Scottish National Party (SNP) separatists has been seen as a “historic” deal for Britain. For the first time ever, environmentalists are actually penetrating government across the channel. The announcement was made by pro-independence Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon in front of the local parliament on 31 August. “I am delighted that this revolutionary agreement between the Scottish Government and the Greens has been ratified. He believes that the status quo is not enough; we have to be courageous, courageous and willing to do things differently”, he expressed.

Who are the two new environment ministers?

Along with its seven members of parliament, two green leaders, Patrick Harvey and Lorna Slater, joined the government as the minister responsible for zero-carbon buildings, active travel and tenant rights, and the minister responsible for green skills, the circular economy and biodiversity. There are. “The stakes couldn’t be higher, with the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland in a position to show real leadership on climate”Lorna Slater reacted.

While Patrick Harvey, elected since 2003, is a “Longtime Green Activist in Scotland” According to Lynn Benny, doctor of political science at the University of Aberdeen, Lorna Slater is a “new face”. Originally from Canada, this renewable energy engineer soon developed a “great impact” during his media route. Notably during the Scottish general elections in May, marked by a clear victory for the SNP, which missed an absolute majority by one MP. This missing seat allowed for a settlement between the two parties.

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What does this change for the future of Scotland?

EU and pro-independence, this coalition could pave the way for a new self-determination referendum. For Claire Brainiacs, a researcher and SNP expert at the University of Burgundy, the prospect of its holding after losing in 2014 is real. “Legally, she explainsIt sounds complicated at first, but it’s not impossible. According to the latest news, the SNP is doing everything it can to remove the obstacle represented by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s agreement. “


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