U.S. Election of, coronavirus in the center

 U.S.  Election of, coronavirus in the center

London – In early November, the U.S. European stocks improved on Monday morning following the election results and global markets remained focused on the coronavirus epidemic.

Pan-European Stoxx 600 Initial trade grew by 0.7%, while banks grew by 2.9% as all sectors and major banks entered positive territory.

The US election result remains a major concern for investors. On sunday President Donald Trump has publicly acknowledged for the first time that President-elect Joe Biden won the election., Seven days after media outlets, including NBC News, called Biden’s race. In a subsequent tweet, however, Trump wrote that he would not accept.

In Asia, meanwhile, markets rallied on Monday morning Because 15 economists in the region have signed a deal that created the world’s largest trade alliance. Tech and auto toe stocks rose.

Trade deal, Signed on Sunday, Aimed at gradually reducing tariffs in many areas, Reuters reported. The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership is now the world’s largest trade bloc, a deal that excludes the U.S. It marks the first time that East Asian powers China, Japan and South Korea are in the same trade agreement.

Coronavirus epidemics remain a major concern for the markets. According to data from Johns Hopkins University, U.S. More than 11 million Kovid-19 infections have been confirmed. No data Covid Tracking Project It also showed that U.S. More than 68,500 people have been hospitalized with coronavirus.

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