UK Scenario / “Beyond the Cradle or Truss, the Real Challenge Comes from the Labor of Ken Starmer”

UK Scenario /

The British electoral system to elect a new party leader, in this case the successor of Boris Johnson at the helm of the Conservative Party, resembles a football tournament, a sport much loved by the British. After the first elimination phase, in which eight candidates presented themselves, we are now in the final phase, a duel between two candidates who passed the first round, former Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak and Foreign Minister Liz Truss. In early September, the winner, and therefore the new leader of the Tories, will be determined, through a vote of all party members.

But, he explains in this interview Claudio Martinelli, Professor of Comparative Public Law and Parliamentary Law at the University of Milan-Bicocca and an expert on the British legal system “Be careful not to be dazzled by the media over a fierce conflict between the two over issues such as China, immigration and the economy. Neither, like no other within the Conservative Party, deviates from the sight of Boris Johnson, of which he represent continuity”.

The two British Conservative Party leadership candidates are fighting each other in a series of televised debates that will continue into August. What are the main differences between the two?

Personally, I am reluctant to describe this ballot in the context of the political differences between the two candidates. In fact, Sunak and Truss, like all eight initial candidates competing in the Tory contest, do not present a counterbalance with Boris Johnson’s view on Brexit or everything else. Liz Truss, as Secretary of State, clearly may have some more sensitivity, especially from the standpoint of political realism.

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For example?

Ability to deal with great international powers, even those who may have reasons for conflict with the United Kingdom, except Russia, which is a separate chapter at the moment for obvious reasons. In the case of China, treat it in such a way as to find as many compromises as possible. It is clear that those who were not foreign ministers like Sunak may have another kind of sensitivity. But be careful not to fall into the optical illusion.

What do you mean?

As mentioned, this is not a fight over one political viewpoint rather than another, it is Johnson’s generation that is counting on itself and deciding its leadership. This is a personal fight, not meant to reduce this dichotomy, but rather one that is carried out by different personalities within the Conservative Party with different sensibilities, all of whom aim to replace Johnson.

Does this mean that whoever wins the Conservative Party will be Boris Johnson?

This is certain until at least the next national elections. In 2019, the Tories’ victory represented such a unique result that without going back to the electoral body, there is no one inside the party who wants to question that result.

clean. But how is the Labor Party doing instead?

It complements the indispensable role that the opposition party plays when the majority party is deciding its leadership.

I expressed myself badly, I meant will they have any chance in the next election? Is it creating a new identity?

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Absolutely yes. When he was elected he started making it Keer starrer party secretary. it was a moment of discontinuity within LaborIt is a pity that no one in Italy talked about it because everyone’s attention is on Johnson’s figure and there is no mention of it even today. Labor is trying to create a far more credible platform than Jeremy Corbyn, a party capable of wiping out voters who have always voted for the Tories in recent years.

Is there still room in this Labor Party for those opposing Brexit or is it closed?

Like the Brexit case has closed. It ended in 2019 with the Good Neighborhood Agreement between the United Kingdom and Europe signed by Johnson and then signed on Christmas Eve. Another matter is how to manage the results: both who will win the Tory contest and who will be the opposition, and whoever wins the next national election will have to deal with the consequences of Brexit. Just think about those issues in Scotland, where the desire for independence has never diminished, and Northern Ireland, which wants to stay in Europe.

(Paolo Waits)


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