UK students worked hard to get out of their country from the EU

UK students worked hard to get out of their country from the EU

Prime Minister Boris Johnson considers the program too expensive. “It was a difficult decision”, Indicates the head of the British government that proposes to change the program, a more comprehensive, less expensive and very popular mathematician named Alan Turing.

From now on, Scotland, England and Wales will no longer participate in Erasmus. Only Northern Ireland will continue to benefit from this exchange program with European countries.

This is a situation that gives a tough competition to Scotland where more than 2,000 students benefit from the program every year.

“For me, Erasmus has been the most visible benefit of European cooperation”Jack Boag, a column in the American daily New York Times, is a student of history and international relations at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. “lets go”, He cries.

With Brexit, “Our citizens will be less secure and their right to work, study and live anywhere in Europe will be restricted.”AFP was quoted by Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon as saying sorry.

One of the reasons for Erasmus is why she says she hopes Scotland can get freedom and benefits “Rejoin to” European Union

Since its founding in 1987, Erasmus has benefitted nine million people, including thousands of Britons.

Financially speaking, the Erasmus program has enabled Great Britain to rake in millions of pounds sterling.

In 2015, international students injected 25.8 billion pounds (29 billion euros) into the United Kingdom’s economy, considered the second preferred university destination in the world after the United States.


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