University: McCourt and Spigarelli Candidate for Rector Macerata – Marche

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Voting is on June 29

(ANSA) – Macerata, May 31 – There are formally two nominations for Dean Luigi Lachey for the position of Rector of the University of Macerata at the Sexenium 2022-2028. The official candidates are John Francis McCourt, Full Professor of English Literature in the Department of Humanities, and Francesca Spigarelli, Full Professor of Applied Economics in the Department of Law at Macerata University.

McCourt is also the President of the International James Joyce Foundation and a board member of the International Yates Summer School. Before arriving at Macerata, he taught at Roma Trey University, where he was director of the Interdepartmental Research Center for Irish and Scottish Studies, and at the University of Trieste, where in 1997 he co-founded the Trieste Joyce School, of which today He is the President. Spigerelli, the rector’s representative for self-employment and technology transfer for European research policy and, from 2021, for research, in 2013 he founded Unimac’s China Center. He is also the Italian Liaison Person on Ministerial Appointments to the Working Groups of the European Commission. He has coordinated several European projects within the 7/o Framework Program and Horizon Europe, is an expert assessor of the European Commission and Secretary General of the Italian company for Economics and Industrial Policy for 2019-2021. Polling in Polo Panteleoni will take place on June 29. In the first two votes, the rector is elected by an absolute majority of those who are entitled. In the event of no election, the election will continue till the day following the poll. The rector is elected from among full professors in service at Italian universities, holds office for six years and cannot be re-elected for a second consecutive term. The candidate who receives the majority is declared elected by the Dean appointed by the Minister of University and Research and in this case assumes office on 1 November 2022. (handle).

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