Vaccine Kovid AstraZeneca, “Prevents disease of any severity over 70”

Vaccine Kovid AstraZeneca,

The Kovid AstraZeneca vaccine “is effective in preventing covid-19 infection and disease at all levels of severity in all age groups, especially among the elderly, integrating the results of pivot clinical studies”. This was reported by AstraZeneca, who, in a note, speaks of the “clinical evidence” derived from the use of the vaccine in Scotland and England “on millions of citizens” and cites the arrival of “new positive data” on efficacy is. Public Health England (Phe) has actually presented preliminary results of a study conducted in England on real-world data in populations over 70.

According to reports, the efficacy of the vaccine to prevent symptomatic disease is 73% from the 35th day after administration of the first dose. In addition, statistics show that in the 80s, a single dose of vaccination is effective to prevent at least 80% of hospitalizations, approximately 3–4 weeks after vaccination, the note reads.

“These data – AstraZeneca remarks – combined with the vaccine’s characteristics that allow it to be used exclusively without logistical and organizational constraints, are key to ensuring broad and rapid access to vaccination and as such Help to overcome the challenges of this epidemic as soon as possible. ” . “

The new results come in addition to recent preliminary data from Public Health Scotland, which saw a 94% reduction in hospitalization rates for Kovid in the population receiving the first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine. The same study demonstrated 81% efficacy against Kovid-related hospitals in the older age group (years80 years).

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