“Vaccines and Schools, Compulsory Green Passes for Teachers” – Chronicle

Teacher’s I came Treatment The resumption of lessons in September is worrying and therefore the idea of ​​making Vaccination even in School, just like I do Health care. “The big question mark is the reopening of School. case of Scotland, a country that has exercised great caution in recent months, he epitomizes. With the restoration of lessons he has seen an important increase in cases. all the blame delta version It has completely changed the dynamics of the pandemic”. It was said in an interview with Republica, Walter Ricciardi advisor to health minister Roberto Speranza. New measures may be needed in Italy ending? “No, they don’t. As of now the situation is such that the impact of the virus is above all individuals, not social ones. Problems are faced by illiterate individuals, who risk serious problems. no wax And in general, those protesting should not turn us away from two objectives: increased coverage and the application of an important measure such as green pass“.

green certification

“I have read the statements of merchants About how he’s making the business better. In addition, most people want to have lunch, dinner or shopping safely. For this reason I believe it should be introduced in all environments of life and work as well as transportation, To ensure freedom of movement to resume vaccination and immunity as well as‘Economy’“. There is an obligation for those working in health care, should it be applied to other categories of workers as well?” Liability is right for health professionals but it should also be offered to those who work in School. It should be understood as a way to protect the fragile people with whom one comes into contact. “The main errors – Conclusion Ricciardi – were two. In October 2020 and February 2021 we had to estimate the virus restrictive measures Strong, given that we didn’t have or didn’t have some vaccines yet at the time. Just look at what Australians and New Zealanders are doing now, shut everything down. Those mistakes caused 70,000 deaths. He said,Italy It performed better than others. we had a great time first wave And right after the third, when we were among the few in the world to impose certain criteria for taking restrictive measures based on scientific evidence. Now we should probably be more determined to do respect the rules. Otherwise, those who do not follow them are encouraged.”

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