Vaccines perform recovery work (tripping Italy)

Vaccines perform recovery work (tripping Italy)

“we shall never surrender“: in The uk Words spoken by Winston Churchill in the darkest hour of World War II have become a declaration of intent, with civilians and officials leading the challenge against Kovid-19. A war that experienced stages of uncertainty, such as the problematic initial hesitation Boris Johnson On adopting restrictive measures, actual disasters, such as the silent massacre in c.Hope for comfort Became a center of contagion throughout the country, and bright moments, such as animated fundraising campaigns by war veterans Tom Moore, Died recently. And in recent weeks, there has been a significant turn in mass vaccination by the authorities,

A win strategy

In wars, the British know to suffer setbacks and defeats, but they aim for the ultimate victory: and so it takes to challenge the Kovid-19 as well. I almost Is 18 million Vaccine administered in doses The uk, That is the country Runs fast Immunity Israel’s public gathering in view of its example of breaking records And he would be able to think about the gradual end of restrictive measures and the reopening of schools (back in attendance on 8 March) and the resultant revival of productive activities and the economy. After 120,000 deaths and numerous internal problems, Johnson and Health Secretary Matt Hancock He announced his desire to carry out “gradual, immutable processes” towards a return to normality. One day infections and deaths on 27 January, which reached a peak of around 1,800, fell to 80% as the vaccination campaign progressed.

Most important “recovery plan” Countries need a successful vaccination campaign: and London’s growth forecasts confirm this. At the end of 2020, UK GDP was ten points below 2019 total share, a record recessionary shock to the country and forecasts suggested a recovery that would not guarantee the same level of production before 2024. Well, according to the data collected by the consulting company Ernst & Young, The vaccine flywheel will accelerate the country’s recovery. as reported Courier, Its forecasts report that London “sees light at the end of the tunnel, with GDP growth of 5% in the second half in 2021 and 6.5% in 2022. Goldman Sachs analysts are even more optimistic despite Brexit. Impact, they see that the UK economy grew 7% in 2021. Almost double Europe ”. All this despite the formality Brakes, The beginning of London’s “autonomous” phase saw destructive predictions for the United Kingdom as an irreversible decline. As a result of the massive vaccination campaign and multiplier effect, this would trigger, according to I., a return to pre-Kovid economic levels For the third quarter of 2022, two years ahead of schedule.

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London is preparing expansionary policies

In a sense, Johnson has learned lessons on the need to save the economy, to save lives, often forgotten by the leaders of Northern Europe at the onset of the epidemic. Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak Meanwhile it is working The government, with its staff for the new emergency maneuver, will present on March 3 and which will include optimistic signs on the economy reopening in the forecast. Between last year and the current year, the UK expects £ 350bn to grow to 17% of pre-pandemic GDP, strengthening measures to support areas in crisis National Health Service, Deliver oxygen to workers in hardship and welfare and, in perspective, fuel the recovery plans that the Johnson government envisions for the future and include large-scale investment in infrastructure and an ambitious project Ecological transition Able to cover areas ranging from wind to electric cars.

The “drawn model” on rescue of companies in crisis is the same that BoJo and Sunak may be pushed to implement in the coming months, to avoid the bailout of deceased companies or in irreversible crisis, but rather to avoid the ‘wave’ Default on government-guaranteed loans focused on returning to normality, Sankalp Foundation has estimated a sum of £ 45 billion, And ensure that those at risk (2 million in total) can benefit substantially from reopening.

European, testing ground for new Britain?

The possibility of reopening is followed by a secondary economic and image success. The huge advance of the British vaccination scheme, which the Johnson government is ending by 31 July, is being seen by Ufa, Twelve European cities will have to decide on the modalities for the European Football Championships to be held in summer 2020, with the final stage at the Cathedral of British Football in April. Wembley. Well, the difficulties on the epidemiological front and the varying rates of contagion in different countries make it too complicated to maintain this hypothesis and open up the possibility that only one country will host it.

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And the United Kingdom, where stadium reopening measures are being studied, appear at the top of the list of potential candidates, As well recently Sunday Times He guessed. In this case favorable logistics helps, because he also misses Courier: “Only London has Arsenal, Chelsea, West Ham, Tottenham and obviously Wembley. But broaden the range just to find two from Liverpool’s Manchester. Scotland has Murrayfield as well as Celtic Park and Hampden (already located in 12 routes). Cardiff in Wales. Finally, there will be Windsor Park in Northern Ireland. There is no problem even for the 24 national teams that can have state-of-the-art sports centers ”. Football, in this case, would be an important foundation to strengthen in the first place soft power The British, who could have built the narrative of a “return to normality” around the European Championship, but provide another breath of fresh air as guaranteed economic inducement by the Europeans if a nominal influx of fans were allowed . An actual visit to Italy, which instead lags behind the possibility of organizing matches on its territory in the absence of adequate vaccination plans to manage international events.

In short, the vaccine, which London has been able to control strategically and culturally, by focusing on the national origin of the serum AstraZeneca And on the effectiveness of Pfizer supply chains directed at the country, European economies have a real “nuclear umbrella” that is the hardest of the epidemic. And a driving force for the BoJo government, which, fearing attacks and challenges to its position in the darkest times of the epidemic, is now firmly on the edge in the executive and in the elections to separate its opponents from Labor She returns. And many in Europe can do nothing more than take note of Britain’s practical and quick strategy.

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