Valencia talks about Gattuso Ancelotti and the choice of coach in Spain

Valencia talks about Gattuso Ancelotti and the choice of coach in Spain

Mr Rino starts with LaLiga and praises his old coach: “On the pitch for 30 years and never brawling, he is the greatest of it all”

To Gazzetta dello Sport, rino gattusoValencia coach talks about new adventures in LaLiga.

decide to go to valencia

“If someone wants to buy and use space for advertising, they can, but I don’t care or worry about myself. When I decided to come here, I did it for a good reason. I Was in Singapore and Lim said ‘Don’t deceive me, as one would have thought. He told me in complete transparency about economic problems. And about environmental problems with the press and fans.’

“I wanted to measure myself against the highest level of football that I feel close to my thoughts. Ultimately, my story says they won’t call me if things aren’t difficult, and I don’t even like them. It’s a great club in financial difficulty, a common situation for different teams. Again I’m a curious guy who wants to learn and give. I went to Scotland as a boy and then a coach in Switzerland, Greece, Spain As in Gaya: The Mindset Opens Abroad”.

new league

“A very difficult championship with high technical standards and three clubs in front of everyone: Real, Barcelona and Atletico. At the back, many who have a common denominator: care of the ball. Here the priorities don’t go to physique or kilometers covered , but for “Pelota. El Balón” is at the center of the project, on all levels. Children grow up with a precise identity, thinking about the ball. Then each coach develops his own ideas, but also those playing straight. Vertically, do this while relying on a very high level technical base. We make our debut with the newly promoted Girona: You have to be very careful”.

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“And Ancelotti? There is one overlooked aspect that makes him unique: he has trained 4 generations among other things in an era of very rapid change, and he has always found the right key. The times have changed radically. 10-15 years, and Carlo has been coaching for 30. And I’m not just thinking about technical or tactical issues, but about the mindset of the players, which The world we live in. And again, there’s never a brawl around Carlo, no player or agent speaks badly of him: he’s the greatest of all these things”.


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