Veneto, the regional council “revoked” the recognition of annexation of Crimea

Veneto, the regional council

It was 2016 and a few months later, in the wake of the separatist referendums in Scotland and Catalonia, the Veneto recognized Crimea as legitimately joining Russia. Today, the same regional body, one of the very few Western institutions with a formal act, votes on the proposal of PD councilor, Giacomo Posamai, to accept Russia’s act of aggression committed in 2014, which Rejects 2016 decision,

The resolution five years earlier attacked the European Union for ending sanctions imposed on Russia, which it considered “notorious and irresponsible even in the light of international security”, and “the will expressed by the Crimean parliament”. to recognize”.

Despite the outrage and sanctions of the Western world after the occupation, the regional council headed by Roberto Ciambatti, who personally visited Crimea, Symbolically handed over the banner of San Marco to pro-Russian separatists. Today, following a resolution from the opposition in the regional council, President Xia’s party should more or less revert to official status at long last. Stefano Valdegambri and Luciano Sandono visited Crimea in October 2016, praising the outcome of the 2014 referendum, widely considered illegitimate by key international observers. Today the exponent of the Northern League, elected to the Council on the Zia List, leaves the hall of Palazzo Ferro Fini in protest, moments before his party votes in favor of the proposal presented by Posamai.

“With this vote we eliminate a discrepancy between the resolution adopted unanimously less than a month ago and the Council passed in 2016, which recognized the annexation of Crimea. The two acts were in apparent contradiction, we are satisfied. that the Northern League majority is also in agreement”, Posamai told the Venetian newspapers of the GEDI group.

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“In 2016 there was an overwhelming conflict in the classroom: although it was a different era, it was by no means, then, like now, that the Regional Council had essentially denied the right to international recognition as well as the structurally incorrect position. Pride himself with” he recalled he can. “If we know the principle that it is lawful for one country to occupy or invade another, it means that we are violating every principle of international law. This was supported by opposition councilors at the time, Whereas there were those who went on a mission to Crimea to bring the region closer to the Veneto region and now we support it ».


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