Vern Run Buffett in September: 44 equities yield picks 7 buy-and-hold dividends

Vern Run Buffett in September: 44 equities yield picks 7 buy-and-hold dividends

The gist

James Brumley Kiplinger says in Investing:

“Wealthy people are always getting richer for a reason, so it would be worthwhile for billionaires and high asset hedge funds to study the farmer who is in their long-term capital.”

When a yield-based (dog catcher) analysis is performed any collection of stocks is more clearly understood, this Buffett / Berkshire Batch Dog catcher is perfect for the process. Here is the September 8 data for 28 dividend paying stocks Kiplinger-Documentation The 44’s collection is now owned by Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE:BRKA) (NYSE:BRK.B) Pay firm.

Another resource advised for this article was; It also keeps the spreadsheet running Buffett / Berkshire stocks BRK updated quarterly in SEC filings.

The idea of ​​a March plunge into the stock market had an impact on Buffett’s batch and the possibility of owning a dividend-producing stock, making his collection more practical for first-time investors. This September update shows that the following seven stocks still live up to their ideal of an annual dividend of more than 1k per share from their annual 1k investment: KHC, B.G., USB, Its, S.Y.F., BAC, And Siri.

Executable Conclusion (1-10): Analysts estimate net profit from 11.07% to 44.2% for 10 Top Buffett-Held Dividend Stocks Come September 2021

Analysts said six of these top ten Buffett-driven top dividend stocks by yield were also in the top 10 beneficiaries next year, based on one-year target prices. (They are colored gray in the chart below) Thus, this yield-based forecast for this buffet dog was classified as 60% accurate by the Wall St. Wizards.


The estimates are based on an estimated dividend of $ 1000 invested in each of the highest yielding stocks and its one-year analyst average target-prices, as reported by Wycharts. Note: One-year target prices were not applied by analysts alone. The ten potential for-profit trades estimated on September 8, 2021 were:

Suncore Energy Inc. Was estimated at $ 441.95 based on an average of 25 analysts’ target price estimates plus dividend, low broker fees. Beta number showed this estimate subject to 40% more risk / volatility than the entire market.

M&T Bank Corp. (MTB) Earned 26 268.18 based on an average of 21 analysts ’estimates plus dividends. The beta number showed this estimate to be subject to 15% higher risk / volatility than the entire market.

Bank of New York Malone (B.K.) Had a net assumption of 250 $ 250.57 based on the average plus average dividend, low broker fee of 19 analysts’ target price estimates. Beta number showed this estimate subject to 2% more risk / volatility than the entire market.

Wells Fargo & Co. (WFC) Net 0 240.02 on the basis of dividends, and 27 analysts, averaged estimates of target prices of low broker fees. The beta number showed this estimate to be subject to 9% more risk / volatility than the market as a whole.

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Kraft Heinz Co. based on an average of 20 analysts ’target estimates plus dividends, low broker fees. The beta number showed this estimate subject to 1% more risk / volatility than the entire market.

Sirius XM Holdings, Inc. The median plus annual dividend of 18 analysts’ target price estimates, based on low broker fees, was estimated at a net.190.19. Beta number showed this estimate subject to 14% risk / volatility across the market.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) To 26 analysts’ target price estimates plus plus dividends, based on lower broker fees, net. 164.79 was estimated. Beta number showed this estimate subject to 16% risk / volatility across the market.

Based on the dividend, Syncro Financial averaged a net 9145.49, and 20 analysts averaged the target price estimates of low broker fees. Beta number showed this estimate to be subject to 70% more risk / volatility than the entire market.

Bank of America Corp. was estimated to have a net worth of 119.73, based on an average of 26 analysts’ target price estimates plus annual dividends, less broker fees. The beta number is subject to risk / volatility, showing this estimate to be 54% higher than the market as a whole.

Globe Life Inc. (G.L.) Were net estimates of $ 110.72 based on dividends, plus seven analysts estimated the average target price of low broker fees. Beta number showed this estimate subject to 10% risk / volatility across the market.

The average net gain in dividends and prices was estimated at 21.32% on 10 dollars invested as 1k in each of these 10 stocks. This profit estimate was subject to an average of 23% higher risk / volatility than the overall market.

ExxonMobil Conclusion (11): (Bear Warning) Analysts show a buffet-driven dividend stock loss of 5.42% in September 2021

The potential loose trade announced by Y-Charts until 2021 was:


United Parcel Service (UPS) On the basis of dividends and the average of the target price estimates of 27 analysts, including broker fees.1 Estimated loss of 54.16. Beta number showed this estimate subject to the same market risk / volatility.


Dividend Dogs Rule

The stocks got a “dog” moniker by displaying three qualities: (1) making reliable payments, repeating dividends, (2) their prices where they came down (3) yields (dividends / prices) higher than their peers. Thus, the highest yielding stocks in any collection became known as “dogs”. More precisely, this fact is best called “underdogs”.

44 Buffett Holdings by Target Benefit


44 Buffett picks by yield


ExxonMobil Conclusion (11-20): Top 10 Buffett-held Stocks by Yield

Top 10 Buffett-powered stocks selected by the 9/8/20 venture by yield in four of Morningstar’s eleven sectors.

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Two of the first dogs went first Consumer protective Field, Craft Heinz Co. [1]. The second consumer protection representative ranked tenth, Coca-Cola Co. (Co.) [10].

Alone Real estate Field Representative, in second place, Store Capital Corp. [2].

Went from ninth to third and sixth out of five Financial services Delegates. In third place was the U.S. Bancorp [3]. The other five financial services were: M&T Bank Corp. [5], P.N.C. Financial Services Group (P.N.C.) [6], JPMorgan Chase & Co. [7], Bank of New York Melanie Corp. [8], And Synchrony’s Financial [9].

Finally, the fourth place was claimed by a representative .Raja Field, Sankor Energy [4] Top 10 batches of dividend dogs by yield to complete September Buffett / Berkshire.

ExxonMobil Findings: (21-30) Top 10 September Buffett / Berkshire Dogs 10.15% -40.63% upside and (31) Three Downsiders surfaced at -1.04% -6.95%


To validate the top dog rankings, the analyst provides a “market spirit” gauge of upward potential target price. Added to the simple high-yield metrics, the analyst became another tool for finding average price target deals.

Analysts predict a 22.9% gain for the five highest yields, the lowest price among the top 10 buffet-stored dividend stocks by September 2021.

The top ten for this update were taken by Buffett / Berkshire Dividend Dog Yield. Yield (dividend / price) results provided by vicharts were ranked.


As mentioned above, the Top 10 Buffett-Selected Dividend Dogs showed up on 9/8/20, with the highest dividend yield representing four from the Morningstar area.

ExxonMobil Findings: Analysts Predict Five Lowest Prices in Top 10 Highest Yield Buffett-Held Dogs (32) Distributed 21.02% Vs. (33) 17.11% Average Net profit By all Come on September 8, 2021


The yield has invested 1k as 5,000 in each of the five lowest-priced stocks in the Top 10 Dividend Buffett-Selected Canal, with analysts predicting a one-year target of 1.00% more than the. 5,000 invested as 5.5k in all 10. Delivers more benefits. A very low-cost choice, Suncore Energy, is projected to deliver the best analyst-estimated net profit of 44.20%.


As of September 8, the five lowest-priced top-yielded buffet-picked dividend dogs were: Suncore Energy, Synchrony Financial, Store Capital, Kraft Heinz, and Bank of New York Mellon, priced from .0 14.08 to 8 35.89.

As of September, there were five high-priced Buffett-picked dividend dogs: U.S. Bancorp, Coca-Cola, JPMorgan Chase, M&T Bank and PNC. Financial Services Group, priced from .5 $ .. 53 to $ 10.9.11.

The difference between five low-priced dividend dogs and a common area of ​​10 is Michael B. Reflects O’Higgins’ “base method” to defeat Dow. Added a unique element of “market sentiment” based on the expected gains based on analyst targets. It’s the equivalent of waiting a year here and now to find out what could happen in the market. Caution is advised because analysts are historically only 20% to 80% accurate on the direction of change and only 0% to 20% accurate on the degree of change.

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If somehow you missed the seven stock pick suggestions at the beginning of the article, here is the end of the list again:

Buffett realized the ideal of paying an annual dividend from the following seven batches of the September batch (as of 9/8/20) from an investment of k 1k in excess of their share price: KHC, Store, USB, SU, SYF, BAC and Siri.

The above net profit / loss estimates did not result in any foreign or domestic tax problems resulting from the distributions. Consult your tax advisor about the source of the “dividend” from any investment and its consequences.

The stocks listed above were only suggested as potential reference points for your Buffett / Berkshire batch stock buying or selling research process. These were not recommendations.

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Reflan & Co., L.N.D.C. Graphs and charts were compiled from data taken from www.indexarb by; Vicharts; Finance.wahu; Analyst means target price by vicharts. Dog Photo Source:


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