Vitulano arrives in Scotland with the multidisciplinary event TH3ST3P. NTR24.TV

  Vitulano arrives in Scotland with the multidisciplinary event TH3ST3P.  NTR24.TV

The Municipality of Vitulano has extended its patronage to the TH3ST3P event which will be held in Edinburgh in the coming months. “We are always on the spot” – declares Mayor Raphael Scarinzi – “In recent times, the promotion of the area has intensified with exhibitions of our beauties around the world. From Florida to Scotland, MSC cruise ships » of Camposauro The mayor of the municipality in the foot continues.

These are six evenings that will be held between March and July next year and are a series of artistic experiments that use space and time to their maximum potential through a series of “elements” as their basis. Thoughts. Philosophical input and demonstrative verbs. The concept behind each evening would be taken from the mythological ideals and classical theatrical repertoire of the Classical Greek era and presented in a succession of “situations” that would develop and follow each other over the course of the events.

TH3ST3P will be present on major social platforms and portions of events will be audio and video recorded, posted and published online. A portion of the audio content will be broadcast on a monthly basis, thanks to slots offered by the local broadcaster ‘Vault Radio’.

In this context Vitulano will be fully represented not only by patronage, but also by artists and designers of undeniable fame such as Antonio Calabrese and Andrea Cerullo. In addition, a fellow Vitulaini citizen, Giuseppe Pedicini, also participates in the organizational team.

The initiative is not an isolated moment, but part of a structured promotional plan that adheres to the Scarinzi administration for two terms. In 2018 Vitulano marbles were displayed as part of an exhibition dedicated to San Pio da organized by Italian-American clubs in Miami. These same stones will also be on display for some time on the new ship Sea shore MSC Cruises’ company, with which the administration has been thinking of promoting the municipal sector on ships for some time. An intense activity for a unique cultural and artistic heritage that combines past and present, art and nature in a truly special setting.

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The region’s beauties will be open to visitors exclusively on 30 and 31/10 and on 1 November as part of the Chestnut Festival and Vitulanese Pecorino which returns to animate the Vitulani region after the pandemic.


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