Vulkanregion Vogelsberg Tourism Awarded the Seal of Approval – Oberhessen-Live

Vulkanregion Vogelsberg Tourism Awarded the Seal of Approval - Oberhessen-Live


Shoten (OL). Vogelsberg focuses on quality: in customer service, in dealing with employees and working with partners. For this the company Vulkanregion Vogelsberg Tourismus has been awarded the “Service Quality Germany Level I” seal by Tarek Al-Wazir, Minister of Economic Affairs, Energy, Transport and Housing.

The certificate was transferred from what is now the Quality Compact by Birgit Baker. – The Quality Initiative in Hesse, which is responsible for “ServiceQuality” Germany, among other things, under which the seal was developed. The initiative “ServiceQualität Deutschland (SQD)” provides small and medium-sized service companies with a system for quality management and starts with so-called soft success factors, Volcano Region Vogelsberg announced in a press release.

With practical Q-Tools, “ServiceQualitat” Germany gives service providers such as Volcano Region Vogelsberg Tourismus the impetus for inspiring service quality, examining the operational application of selected alternative equipment and supporting the company’s continued growth. The Quality Seal is available in three flexible levels. It is valid for a period of three years and can also be developed by quality communities.

The Volcanic Region Vogelsberg Tourismus is one of about 100 service companies currently in Hesse that have opted for excellent, continuous quality development with the “Servicekvalitat Deutschland” certification.

Ilka Schacht (Q-Coach) and quality team functions include entering the Q service chain, Q complaint management, Q strengths/weaknesses profile and Q customer communication and continuing to improve processes and service orientation to continuously promote all Is. that are included in the customer experience. It motivates customers and partners and thus contributes significantly to the success of the company.

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Vogelsberg tourism volcano area
Petra Schwing-Dorring (Management)
Ilka Schacht (Q-Coach)
Vulcanium 1. In
63679 Scots
Phone 06044/96693-0


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